On The Energies…



We have a chance of flares today, as we have a Sunspot ready to explode.  We also have a CME already headed towards us from last night.  I feel the sun is also responding to the Galactic Energies that are being streamed through it.  Something we are all feeling living on Earth during this time.  This Libra Season is all about finding balance within your life.  Your being guided to shift into the spiritual dimensions.  For many this is happening as you awaken and work on your energy.  Your meant to raise your frequency up to the Ascension that is taking place.  Amazing things are happening as your connecting on higher levels.  You come into harmony with an entire ascension group, tuning in more to the Planet on a bigger level, and become extremely empathic and telepathic.  The higher your frequency the more you can tap into the spiritual.  Everyone should be doing more energy work.  We are all processing and having to clear more energies.  This Libra Season is helping you to shine a light on any financial or relationship blocks.  Often times these come from feelings, and unhealed issues, or triggers still going on within.  Things like our thoughts and emotions make up our energy.  Most of the deeper healing needed is unconscious.  This is why energy healing is so amazing at clearing, and healing many things.  The blocks are the reason why things don’t work out.  The same things keep coming up.  Since your thoughts create your physical reality these manifest as people, and the same situations, or problems.  It could be recreating familiar past dynamics, or living in a state of constant worry or lack.  Each soul has to work through their own issues too.  You can change your living situation, partners, and jobs, but if you have healing needed in any of these areas the same stuff keeps up over and over again.  Your being guided to find balance right now.  To shift towards the spiritual and to focus on your own healing.  Many of you have been doing to much for everyone else, and have been giving yourselves crumbs of your own time.  The next two weeks will help us in finding balance in all aspects of our life.  These energies are only going to get more powerful.  They amplify how your feeling, and your own energies.  This is why we must heal fully to do our best in them.

art: @kokeeneva