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On The Energies…

We have a chance of flares today, as we have a Sunspot ready to explode.  We also have a CME already headed towards us from last night.  I feel the sun is also responding to the Galactic Energies that are being streamed through it.  Something we are all feeling living on Earth during this time.  This Libra Season is all about finding balance within your life.  Your being guided to shift into the spiritual dimensions.  For many this is happening as you awaken and work on your energy.  Your meant to raise your frequency up to the Ascension that is taking place.  Amazing things are happening as your connecting on higher levels.  You come into harmony with an entire ascension group, tuning in more to the Planet on a bigger level, and become extremely empathic and telepathic.  The higher your frequency the more you can tap into the spiritual.  Everyone should be doing more energy work.  We are all processing and having to clear more energies.  This Libra Season is helping you to shine a light on any financial or relationship blocks.  Often times these come from feelings, and unhealed issues, or triggers still going on within.  Things like our thoughts and emotions make up our energy.  Most of the deeper healing needed is unconscious.  This is why energy healing is so amazing at clearing, and healing many things.  The blocks are the reason why things don’t work out.  The same things keep coming up.  Since your thoughts create your physical reality these manifest as people, and the same situations, or problems.  It could be recreating familiar past dynamics, or living in a state of constant worry or lack.  Each soul has to work through their own issues too.  You can change your living situation, partners, and jobs, but if you have healing needed in any of these areas the same stuff keeps up over and over again.  Your being guided to find balance right now.  To shift towards the spiritual and to focus on your own healing.  Many of you have been doing to much for everyone else, and have been giving yourselves crumbs of your own time.  The next two weeks will help us in finding balance in all aspects of our life.  These energies are only going to get more powerful.  They amplify how your feeling, and your own energies.  This is why we must heal fully to do our best in them.

art: @kokeeneva

On The Energies…

We are moving through the peak of the 12:12 Portal Energies.  The energies are going to be coming in strong thru the Solstice.  These are amazing Egypt Initiation energies.  The number 12, and the 12th initiation is always service.  The 12:12 Portal is bringing you codes that you need to activate your mission.  It will help you with tuning into your deeper purpose.  Many are awakening in 3D.  Many roles are about to shift.  Those that are tuned in can feel and hear a higher calling.  An inner guidance coming through to help in some way.  There are many planes of existence between when we awake and ascend.  Your soul is trying to guide you to return to the higher dimensions from which you came.  That’s why it’s so important that you are doing the work to purify your soul.  We are stripping down layers off density fast within the physical body.  We are becoming more and more energy as we continue to raise our frequency.  That’s why it’s never been more important to work on our energy.  We also have themes coming up around purifying the mind.  This will be the theme for the Gemini Full Moon Dec 18th.  For those that are doing that, you’ll notice an increase in telepathy.  We have 10 days left until the Solstice.  The Solstice is 12/21.  The Solstice Gateway stays open for 12 days and is bringing some big energies.  We celebrate the rising of the Sun God Ra.  High Priests were always initiated by Ra.  December tends to be an extreme month, as it’s colder and darker in the northern half of the world.  It’s one of the best times to stargaze though, you may even see some starships.  We are in the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower til the 17th.  Expect yellow Meteors, as it will be raining down stars.  Tomorrow Comet Leonard is about to really shine too.   This is its closest approach to Earth and it will be putting on quite the show.  That’s a lot of star power.  This is an amazing time to be working your magic, manifesting, healing, and doing activation work.   

art: @egypt

Some Intense Energy Shifts..

We are in an Eclipse Season and Retrograde Season at the same time right now.  The Eclipse Gateway has opened and we will be in it for the next two weeks.  We are still feeling shock waves from Friday’s Lunar Eclipse.  These energies are still very much affecting us.  We also had three massive astroids fly by the Planet this weekend.  While we have had a lot of emotions flying around, these energies are meant to be powerful for manifesting.  This Eclipse Season is meant to bring with it a lot of healing.  If you have issues rising to the surface, it’s time to deal with them.  We will continue to release anything not aligned with a higher state of consciousness.  June 20th is the Summer Solstice, which is also the longest day of the year.  It will bring with it some powerful energies.  June 21st we have a Solar Eclipse, called the Ring of Fire.  We are going through some intense energy shifts and have had a lot of solar storms going on.  We had a huge wave come in a few hours ago.  These energies are full of codes and activations.  They also can bring with them ascension symptoms such as headaches, pressure in your head, mood swings, feeling emotional or anxious, feeling lethargic or exhausted, nausea, heart issues or palpitations, high blood pressure, hot flashes, ringing in your, dizziness or vertigo, sleep issues, and intense dreams.  We are also in a pre-retrograde shadow, as we wait for Mercury to shift into retrograde on June 18th.  When Neptune shifts retrograde next week this will make a total of 6 planets in retrograde.  We are going to continue to go through a huge transformation the next few months.  This also will require us to do the inner work to keep up.  This Retrograde Season is helping show us what we should be working on.  It’s meant to assist us in letting go of any past issues or unresolved karma.