Making Space..

You only ever can lose something not meant for your highest good.  The people that are not in alignment with who your becoming are being removed at this time.  It’s important to remember that something better will always vibrate into that space.  There is a Shift occurring at this time.  It’s important to see that we are clearing space and any debris on our timelines.  The people you have become comfortable learning with are becoming outdated lessons as you make this journey forward.  Just as your DNA is being upgraded this will change the projections of self that your seeing.  April is a huge month of transformation.  Many spiritual unions are coming together or about to come together this month.  The incoming Retrogrades are urging us to slow down and to Shift our focus inward during this time.  Too many people are still seeking externally, that which you must master within first.  Now is time to let go.  Release the things no longer in alignment with the highest versions of self.  Let go of any past reflections of who you were.