On The Energy Shift..

While we have all of this Aries energy there is an undercurrent of Pisces energy.  This may be stirring the elements within, a lot of people have been hitting an overload.  We are gearing up for a new semester here in Earth School so it’s important that your letting go of any old lessons.  This is an opportunity to clear things to have space for the manifestations your waiting for.  We have a lot of incoming energies.  I would advise you to rest and integrate more until Monday.  As these Ascension Energies are picking up intensity your noticing that this is a very physical process with our bodies.  While we have had a focus on heart chakra expansion, the energies are shifting upwards toward the throat chakra.  This is a clearing of the 5th dimensional energy gateways within.  A pathway leading us within to our deepest spiritual truth.