On The Energies…

Happy Harvest Moon! The Harvest Moon is the Moon that is closest to the Equinox.  During the Harvest Moon the lunar energies are at it’s strongest. This is a Pisces Full Moon and the symbol for this Moon is the butterfly.  We are going through a powerful spiritual transformation right now.  The Equinox is going to bring some massive DNA upgrades.  The butterfly usually appears after the death of a loved one.  It’s a sign of direct communication with Spirit.  A sign of life after death.  If your seeing butterflies take it as your loved one is visiting you.  Butterflies also represent ascension of the soul.  During the Harvest Moon it’s a time of heightened magic and manifesting.  You can literally feel all of the magic in the air right now.  We also have karmic themes of you reap what you have sown coming back around.  Themes around karma and destiny are coming up.  Mercury is in Retroshade/ Retrograde this week.  That makes it time to disconnect from others, so you can reconnect with yourself.  We have a rest and self care theme going on the next week as we are preparing for the Equinox.  This Retrograde is a time to reflect on where your path has already brought you, and where it’s taking you.  For some you may know your preparing to travel.  This Moon has an extra strong pull.  We have the 9:9 Portal tomorrow.  This year’s 9:9 Portal is all about seeding the intentions for your long term goals.  It’s a doorway to get to them.  We have the 9:11 Portal Sunday.  This is an Angelic Gateway.  It’s going to help move us to a higher level.  It will help us in closing one cycle, and beginning a new one.  This Gateway will be encouraging you to take a more spiritual path.  For some that means following the signs your getting.  Trust how your feeling about things right now.  Expect your soul guidance to be coming through so strong right now.


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