On The Energies…

We have Shifted into Virgo Season today.  We have now walked through the Fire of Leo Season.  Leo Season brought a lot of Masculine, Royal, look at me vibes.  It helped many in building up there ego.  The issue with that is spirituality requires an entire release of your ego, or any old 3D identities.  This is a time to break on through past all of that.  Our souls will meet in a place of service.  The rest of August we will continue to align with the Sun.  I’ve been connecting with the Earth, Sun, Moon, and the Stars.  I’ve been working with, and using the energies of the elements.  We are moving into an amazing time of the year for anyone into elemental magic.  Virgo is a star maiden.  She represents purity.  Virgo is the sign of the Goddess.  Goddess of the Harvest.  Saturday’s Virgo New Moon shifts us into some high Earth Energies.  This is a time of Earth Magic as we prepare for next month’s Harvest Moon and the Equinox.  We are going to see a huge increase in the Ascension Energies as we wrap up 2022.  The next year will continue to bring some massive clearing work.  Many of you have been show the work you need to do.  Those of you that are in some type of toxic situation know what needs to be done.  The things weighing you down are getting to heavy to continue to hold on too, in these higher frequencies.  The best way to fly is simply to let go.  Your remembering you more then came here with wings too.  Virgo is sign of the Healer.  This Virgo Season is an amazing time to be detoxing, healing, and doing some type of energy work.  It’s time to assess how your spending your time and energy.  This is the most valuable thing you have.  It’s a great time to get organized and to get a good plan.  Earth is a grounding and hard working element.  It’s great for tapping into and manifesting abundance.  Expect this Virgo Season to bring some major throat chakra activations.  Many have healing work to do in this area still.  If you are seeing foxglove flowers take it as a special sign.  It’s the season for fairy bells, or witch gloves.  These are flowers of the fairies.

art: @global.annihilation

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