On The Energies…



There is a spiritual awakening unfolding across the collective.  Our awakening always starts a deeper healing process we must go through.  It’s a sign that we have completed a certain level of experiences and have reached a certain level of awareness.  That is the beginning of some deeper soul work that must be done.  There is a lot of clearing work that must happen.  We are clearing old patterns and healing the karmic wounds of the past.  You came into this life with karma from other lifetimes.  Some of you also incarnated into families with heavy karma.  We all have a lot of energetic baggage to clear.  You could be consciously aware of what your working on.  Some not so much.  The Universe has a system to track checks and balances.  In a basic sense you have a karmic bank account.  A system that tracks your spiritual deeds, and the not so spiritual ones too.  There is a greater pattern to our lives and our experiences.  If we owe out any karma we are still bound to reincarnate again.  The ultimate goal is to heal/ clear it all so we can stop coming back.   Ascension is the ultimate goal!  We are seeing a huge collective clearing of karma happening at the moment.  Your meant to be clearing any karmic baggage within your family line or lineage.  Deep past life and ancestral healing is coming up.  This may look different in different relationships.  Your being guided to work on some.  There are others you need to sever psychic and spiritual cords with.  There are soul contracts coming up right now.  For some your clearing old ones.  For some you may have new ones coming into your awareness that may feel destined, as they have spanned many lifetimes.  We are going through some major DNA activations right now.  Any unresolved issues from past lives affect your DNA.  It’s so important that we are healing and activating our DNA like never before.  Unresolved karma tends to also play out in our body.  It can show up as illness, or fatigue.   It can be something that is affecting your finances and manifesting.  It can manifest in a dramatic way in our personal relationships.  It’s blocked energy that keeps us stuck in unresolved loops.  All of our lessons and experiences are giving us a chance to heal and resolve deeper things on a soul level.  This lifetime is unlike any other.  We are here to clear anything from this life, and all past lives simultaneously.  That is why there may be a lot coming up within these energies.  Know that when you heal yourself you heal those that came before you.  Your also being guided a little extra this life.