Full Moon In Leo…

I hope your feeling all of that energy flying around.  This shift will be taking us to much higher frequencies.  We have a ton of Lunar and Solar energies beginning to merge.  We also have many waves of Galactic energies incoming.  Tonight’s Full Moon in Leo is having a powerful impact.  This is just the first of four Super Moons in a row.  We have entered a rare Super Moon Season that will have powerful effects on everyone.  What lies underneath is being drawn out.  Anything you buried must be healed and released.  We are going to see one of the most powerful purges to ever happen on this Planet, and all from now til May.  We just closed out a 2 year purge cycle.  But, we still have much more work to do.  Expect emotions to be running high as many struggle to understand what is happening during this time.  These energies are a glimpse of where we are headed.  They are to assist us in creating a new civilisation.  There is no need to wait in creating the new.  Many are already doing that.  This Full Moon is reminding us it’s time to create, and Leo is the best energy for that.  Be pure with your intentions.  Begin to envision a new collective with abundance and love for all.

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