Collective Wounds Being Released To Heal..

There is a collective pain that must be felt for dreams long past.  To descend into states of separateness is a very painful experience.  While these systems seek to create more of a divide it deepens the collective wounds.  Any conflict is a sign of trauma.  We are living during a crucial time.  Our shadow selves, any hidden aspects are coming forward for healing within ourselves.  Anything buried in your subconscious is merging into your reality.  We came to receive a genetic imprint sharing a collective timeline wound.  There are many buried wounds of injustice that have seared into the collective.  It is this collective wound that has played out across our incarnations, leading us here.  Hidden emotional baggage passed from incarnation to incarnation.  Chiron is pushing you to clear and release these templates.  All of humanity experiences the breaking and eventual expansion of their heart chakra.  We require lots of healing to achieve the collective Oneness we seek.  The karmic chains we have woven are to be released now.  This pain must be felt on a collective level in order for people to acknowledge and face it.  This awakening will come with a lot of emotion.  Subconscious suppression’s acting out in dramatic ways to catch your attention.  Pay attention to your feelings.  We must sever the connection occurring between negative emotions and the illnesses manifesting.  Emotion is the Source of connection.  


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  1. ageofpoetic Avatar

    I just did a past life hypnosis (like right now) I found on youtube, and I was a young girl in France 1811 wearing a blue dress walking and talking with my imaginary friend. We were laughing and talking and walking across the road and wham! I was distracted and didn’t notice the big car to the left of me. Instant death. Our souls collide – imaginary friend and I. Imaginary friends soul was an angry one and clung onto mine, we split in two, a portion of each in the other. The girl survived, but she was a very angry girl after that. At the end a closer inspection of the scene, I heard and saw the imaginary friend holding me in front of the car saying, “Thank you! Now we will never part, and I will be real again.”
    In the last two months I’ve been having fits of anger (since my restaurant told us they were closing down, to closing, and now almost a month unemployed and studying massage and living off savings and the odd book sale.) Every time I drink wine, even just a glass, I started getting angry loud and crazily. My ex is the main cause; alcoholic still living in my bed in my flat. He would gobble down quadruple brandy and cokes and I’d wait there drinking wine and getting fed up by his irritating superdrunkness so I would cause a scene in the bar, or at work, when he would fetch me drunk when the restaurant still existed. I was getting angrier and angrier. I’ve been ok for the last 2 weeks. trying to separate myself and his self-destructive ways, and focus more on what I’m doing, my course, making stuff to sell, painting, writing ( have written only two poems since Oct/Now). And now I’m randomly writing an essay in your comments block. – Also I meant to write it down but my book and pen were not inviting me.

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