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On The Energies…

Today is a powerful Galactic Activation Portal Day! Galactic Activation Portal Days are days with a higher energetic vibration.  On these days the gate to the spiritual world is much more open.  These spaces bring a lot of energy which is amazing for healing, activation work, and manifesting.  Dec 4th Venus shifts into Scorpio until Dec 29th.  Expect this to take your relationships a lot deeper.  It may even make then a tad bit dramatic.  This transit is bringing up themes around love, sex, and sensuality.  Expect your relationships to go through a deep transformation during this time.  Expect things to feel intense in your connections.  This is meant to be a good thing.  That means the main focus is on love this month.  That means expect intense emotions.  This month brings us the 12:12 Portal and the Winter Solstice.  This month we will receive a huge influx of Light Codes from our Great Central Sun.  We align with, and recieve a lot of energy from the Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion.  The 12th is also a Sagittarius New Moon. This is the last New Moon of the year.  It’s a time to set our intentions for the next year ahead.  Jupiter rules this New Moon and is bringing a lot of new optimism and abundance.  Dec 14th brings us Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn.  This will help us to slow down.  It helps us to process and clear any unresolved issues.  Dec 21st is the Winter Solstice.  It’s also the longest night of the year.  The 21st is also the start of Capricorn Season.

art: @shinewonderland

On The Energies…

We just had a solar explosion go off.  It has hurled a CME towards us.  We have an unstable sunspot that will be turning to face Earth later this week.  Venus happened to be passing the Sun at the same time that latest blast went off.  That means we are feeling these energies extra.      That also means more are coming.  We are also feeling the energies of the 1/11 Portal.  This portal is shining a light on our love life and finances.  We are very much feeling the influence of that Venus blast right now.  We are in such a heightened space energetically.  We are instant manifesting right now like never before.  Anything your thinking of will materialize.  The energies of the 1/11 Portal are helping us to anchor into 2022.  This is the space where you get excited about your year ahead.  You have so much space and potential to create something new.  This week we also have a powerful alignment happening with our Milky Way.  Jan 13th- 16th the Moon will cross the Winter Hexagon and the Milky Way.  The Winter Circle is made up of six stars, each of it’s own constellation.  We have Sirius, Rigel, Aldebaran, Capella, Castor & Pollux, and Procyon shining down on us.  That means we are going to continue to be having extra Galactic Energies pouring in this week as the constellations of Canis Major, Orion, Taurus, Auriga, Gemini, and Canis Minor align.  The Milky Way also cuts through the winter hexagon as well.  That makes this week an amazing time to check out the stars, you may be able to see our whole Milky Way Galaxy.  Jan 17th we have a Cancer Full Moon.  This is the Wolf Moon.  This Full Moon will help take our intuition to new heights.  It’s a great time to be tapping into your inner guidance right now.  It’s also a great time to be brave and to forge a new path.  Many of you are Indigo Souls.  You came here to break the karmic chains for humanity.  You are wayshowers for humanity.  If your feeling guided to make a new path, or a new way, forge or follow it.  This Full Moon is bringing extra light so it will make your path more clear.

photo: @rodrigoterren

Shifting To Love..

The energetic shift should feel apparent.  It’s time to let the lessons you just went through go.  Just as the energy has changed in dynamic and shifted so must your focus.  It’s time to realise you are the foundation of all that is.  It’s time to rebuild something solid.  If there is no spiritual foundation then you should be noticing it will crash down, that includes yourself.  You should be realising that your instant manifesting.  If you can keep your frequency high enough and stay in love the entire Universe is yours to bend.  Each thought a seed you plant, a door to a probability, whether intended or not.  This months energy will restore energetic harmony. Venus is now in charge, so we let love rule.  Love has always been leading us forward on this journey.  A quest most have not yet conquered by going within.  We are split apart aspects seeking to become whole.  The brighter you shine the more magnetic you become.  The only resistance ever has been lack of this energy.  The excitement and bliss your capable of creates an energetic charge, drawing more of what you love.  To become love we ultimately become the love we seek.  This month and next will be huge for love.  The ultimate love, Divinity in every form.  Many Spiritual Unions will come together under the rule of Venus.  It’s time to focus on your heart chakra as the gateway to liberation.