On The Energies…



Today Venus enters Pisces! When Venus is in Pisces anything is possible.  This alignment is all about love at first sight, cosmic connections, fairytale endings, and synchronicities.  Venus will stay in Pisces until April 5th.  During this time it’s all about the magic of love.  This alignment is all about a deeper spiritual kind of love, that transcends the boundaries of time and space.  Also make sure you refilling your own cup.  Taking care of your energy is very important during these times as we navigate the changes happening to the Planetary energies.  If you’re in a relationship going all in.  If you’re single you may not want to be so fast to jump into another relationship.  Really follow your heart right now when it comes to love.  Venus is putting a spotlight on your relationships.  Your relationships can blossom nicely during this time.  You may be feeling ready to go all in on love for the right person.  These are romantic energies.  These energies are amazing for healing existing connections.  Venus in Pisces will be bringing such a cleansing energy for you over the next few weeks.  The energies are also amazing for manifesting the rest of Pisces Season.  It’s all about reconnecting with your inner world and your own dreams.

art: @mintlesstalita