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An Energy Report…

We have massive waves of incoming energy.  2020 is showing us just what these energies are capable of.  Suddenly people will need to make a shift making their health and energy a priority.  We are seeing the effects of these energies and just what is happening to the physical body.  We are going through a rapid evolution as the collective struggles to keep up with these new energies.  We are going to see a huge restructure of everything we know.  Things will continue to purge politically as the old structures of fear and control are dismantled.  See your evolving so these things have become outdated.  We are in a space where the new is being created.  These new systems will look much different.  We will see the power shift back to the collective.  New systems will be set up.  Everyone will be hooked into a quantum financial system where everyone receives a monthly universal payment.  That shift alone will do wonders, it will take much of the stress off of people.  The education systems will morph into something different completely.  Suddenly the things you need to learn have changed.  Many are realising that the things shut down are no longer needed during this time.  We have reached a frequency of the 5th dimension.  We are now able to instant manifest anything that we want or need.  We are in a massive transition.  The old will collapse into a Galactic society that is highly technologically advanced, yet in harmony with nature.  These energies will continue to take us there.  Today the second wave of 444 energies is coming in.  This is the second wave of three, that we will pass through this month.  April itself is a month long portal.  We will see the third wave on April 22nd with the New Moon In Taurus.  The third wave will close the portal.  Now is the time to simplify your life.  Stay focused on your own path and try to spend a lot of time in gratitude.  Enjoy this space and try to use it for further healing.

On The Energies..

It’s important that we remember that we each have our own timeline.  In fact you will play no greater role in life than the one you are playing now, as you.  Such a journey each person is on.  Different souls need different things.  There are many events unfolding across the collective.  A final purge of the dark as move into higher frequencies.  As we go up in vibration, many layers are being shed for the collective.  We are going through a rapid expansion of consciousness.  As we are changing within, our outer reality will reflect these energetic changes more and more.  We have many old timelines playing out.  Even though you may be seeing things from these places, it’s important that your anchoring into the now.  We have had a lot of energies coming into the Planet the last 24 hours.  Waves of light reprogramming everyone for ascension.  Use this space to work on yourself.  It’s very important that everyone is getting back to the spiritual during this time.  Many of you have some extra time now.  That is needed this year as we continue to go through these energies.  We are going to go through a time of rapid change for the collective.  It’s never been a better time to be doing some type of daily meditation.  If you are out of work it may be time to consider a new path.  Many are going to shift out of the material now as humanity rethinks what is essential. Be extra kind as many people are going through a lot during this time.

Collective Wounds Being Released To Heal..

There is a collective pain that must be felt for dreams long past.  To descend into states of separateness is a very painful experience.  While these systems seek to create more of a divide it deepens the collective wounds.  Any conflict is a sign of trauma.  We are living during a crucial time.  Our shadow selves, any hidden aspects are coming forward for healing within ourselves.  Anything buried in your subconscious is merging into your reality.  We came to receive a genetic imprint sharing a collective timeline wound.  There are many buried wounds of injustice that have seared into the collective.  It is this collective wound that has played out across our incarnations, leading us here.  Hidden emotional baggage passed from incarnation to incarnation.  Chiron is pushing you to clear and release these templates.  All of humanity experiences the breaking and eventual expansion of their heart chakra.  We require lots of healing to achieve the collective Oneness we seek.  The karmic chains we have woven are to be released now.  This pain must be felt on a collective level in order for people to acknowledge and face it.  This awakening will come with a lot of emotion.  Subconscious suppression’s acting out in dramatic ways to catch your attention.  Pay attention to your feelings.  We must sever the connection occurring between negative emotions and the illnesses manifesting.  Emotion is the Source of connection.