Bringing Heaven To Earth..

We are seeing a lot of people still purging out a lot of negativity.  It’s very important that you are expecting a plot twist.  We are not creating alone and never have been.  So many people are focused on the old.  I want to talk today about how you would think heaven would look.  There would be no need for governments, or money.  This Planet will turn into a literal heaven on Earth.  This life we are in now will determine where we end up to.  This year is it, the unseen will become seen.  Many souls are not able to go on in these high frequencies.  While many may be uncertain about the collective, that is ok.  This has always been about the individual journey.  Many will even continue to change or save the old.  We know we are only meant to fix or change ourselves though.  It’s very important that your working on raising your vibrational frequency during this time.  The people getting sick are not able to keep up.  We need to be at a completely pure state.  This Planet is going to have major issues until everyone is made aware of this ascension process.  We are living in a world where knowledge has been hidden.  These times are no more.  things like news, politics, and misinformation have been weighing down the collective lately.  It’s time to refocus.  This is a manifest reality and a lot of the ideas going around are not in alignment with the new.  If you are a lightworker please make sure your trying to share uplifting visions of the future.  It’s time to get inspired.  We all are contributing to this collective.  Ask yourself what does heaven look like?