On The Energies…

Things are slowing down a little right now.  We still however have a lot of energy coming in.  We will all have to adjust to some of the upgrades we are going through.  This month will continue to bring a lot of upgrades and activations.  August is a powerful month for doing energy work.  Today Venus shifts into Libra.  Venus is the Goddess of Love.  Venus is ruled by Libra, so Libra is her favourite sign.  Venus will be bringing some magic to areas of love and money.  Venus stays in Libra until September 10th.  That makes the next few weeks the best transit for relationships, and your love life.  It’s the best time to get romantic.  It’s also the last of the Summer.  Next week brings Virgo Season which is a sign that helps transition us into Autumn.  Libra in Venus is meant to bring the heat to your love life.  It’s a great time to be doing healing around areas of love and money.  However the energies are feeling, they are powerful for manifesting right now.  It’s also a great time to be writing or even journaling.  Virgo Season this year will help get us organised around the work we have to do ahead of us.  Rest if you need it today as we have a big week ahead of us.

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