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Super New Moon In Libra…

Tonight’s New Moon In Libra is powerful.  It’s actually the second Super Moon of three to occur in a row.  This Super New Moon is really close to the Earth.  That means the energy is so much stronger.  We are really feeling the gravitational pull.  Let’s just say things are extra magnetic right now.  That’s a good thing if your trying to use the energy to manifest.  This month is full of magical energy.  Let’s just say it’s a super charged lunar month.  October has two Full Moons.  It’s a good time to recharge and harness the energy.  Things may be feeling emotional for some people.  This Super New Moon is meant to be stirring up things to heal.  You should be really feeling your own energy and aura with this energy.  This is the last week of Libra Season and the time to find that balance once again.  Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup.  Make sure your taking really good care of yourself during this time.  We have Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron in retrograde.  This can cause the energy to flow differently.  It’s a powerful time to go within to do some deeper reflection.  Over the next few weeks you may be revisiting your past.  You should be seeing things from a higher perspective during this time.  Remember how much you have grown, and will continue to grow.  We have a lot we are going to continue to heal karmically.  This month we will be continuing to purge and release the things no longer serving us.  We have some intense energies on the way as we inch closer to Samhain/Halloween.  We are in the world of spirit.  This is a time where we are through the veil.  You should be feeling more and more psychically and spiritually aware.  Next week we shift into Scorpio Season.  Many are already feeling the energies as we are being encouraged to go deeper.  This is the time to pay attention to any dreams or guidance coming through.  Tonight’s Super New Moon will align with the star system Arcturus.  This will open a Galactic Portal.  Tomorrow the Sun will also come fully into alignment with Arcturus.  We can expect a ton of upgrades as these energies do fully activate through the weekend.  This is an amazing time to see Cassiopeia in the sky.  It’s also a great time to check out the Orionid Meteor Shower.

We are doing a Super New Moon Meditation today.  I hope to see you there!  Here is the link to sign up…


On This Week’s Energies…

Your body should be naturally going into rest mode this week.  Today Mercury shifts retrograde in Scorpio.  This means we now have 4 planets in retrograde as it joins Mars, Uranus, and Neptune.  The Comet Chiron is also still in retrograde.  This week it will be amplifying any healing issues that are going on that you may have been trying to ignore.  These retrogrades are affecting the flow and direction of the energy.  Things are pretty calm this week, but next week will be anything but.  We are going to continue to have a ton of ascension energies streaming in from our Central Sun.  these waves of ascension energies are going to get very intense as we wrap up the rest of this month.  Next week as we shift into Scorpio Season we are expected to hit a K6 index Space Storm.  These waves of energy are getting us ready on a physical level for some type of Solar Flash Event.  This year the ascension energies have been powerful.  So are the changes that have come with them.  We are going through a rapid activation process as our DNA continues to change and upgrade from the incoming light codes.  These waves of light will continue to increase as we wrap up 2020.  The rest of the year really will act as a bridge to take us fully into the energies of 2021.  This year is all about transformation.  We have a New Moon In Libra this Friday.  This energy will bring with it a lot of upgrades.  We can expect a huge influx of energy this month as we get closer and closer to Samhain.  This is also the second of three Super Moons in a row.  This means the Moon will be much closer to Earth.  This makes the gravitation pull between the Moon and Earth much more intense.  It also influences your emotions much more.  This means we are really feeling these energies and the pull on an auric level.  We are clearing some deep blocks right now.  Many people are releasing a lot of deep attachments to the old.  There is a major purification that’s happening this month.  We are doing a lot of clearing and releasing.  As we continue to go up in frequency we are shedding a lot of lower energies and patterns.  Things are going to continue to get more and more intense.  That’s why its very important that we are using the rest of Libra Season to find more balance.  This energy is meant to be pushing us into a higher state of awareness.  Our third eyes are continuing to activate.  Humanity is waking up, that’s why it’s very important we are being more gentle with others.  This week’s New Moon is the perfect time to plant some positive seeds or to make future plans.  It’s very important that we are realising that our thoughts now are creating our future.  It’s important that we are staying very positive as we are instant manifesting with these energies.  This weeks New Moon In Libra may be drawing attention to to the larger crisis in consciousness that is occurring within the collective.  This is not a good time to get pulled into any drama playing out across the world stage.  It’s very important that we remember there is a larger divine plan that is occurring.  Everything is in divine order and happening as it should for everyone.  This weeks energy is all about love and healing.  There is a lot of Venus energy that will help bring balance within any relationships.  We should be finding the feminine is coming into more balance right now.  Expect some really positive relationship shifts right now.  This Moon will also be bringing with it a lot of Arcturian energies.  Saturday we have a powerful Portal opening as the Sun comes fully into alignment with this star system.  Any Arcturian Starseeds can expect a big level up.  This weeks energy will be bringing a lot of wisdom with it.

We have a Meditation Event up for Friday.  Here is the link to sign up… 


Pluto Shifts Direct…

This is a good time to do some cleaning and cleansing.  We have Pluto that is shifting direct.  This is helping us settle anything karmic.  Pluto rules Scorpio, which represents death and rebirth.  It also governs the psyche and our spiritual powers.  As we are making this shift some people are noticing the resistance of the ego.  Pluto is here to break down those barriers.  There are subconscious programs we need to continue to break through.  This shift is also an amazing time for a new beginning.  We are getting rid of lots of people and experiences no longer serving us.  This leaves space for you to create something new.  Pluto is moving direct in Capricorn.  This will help you shift your focus back to matters of your work and home life.  This is an amazing time to use the rest of Libra season to continue to find balance.  Make sure your energy is in alignment.  Work on doing more things that are good for you.  Add some better foods, ditch any bad habits.  It’s also an amazing time to bring more balance to your personal space.  It’s important you are making your space sacred.  Do some redecorating, or make sure to wrap up any old projects.  Cleanse your space as well.  I recommend using more sage or palo santo this time of year.

Entering The Underworld..

We have a lot we need to bring into balance, both individually and collectively. The wheel is turning and we have shifted seasons into autumn. This is meant to be a time of celebration and gratitude for the progress we have made. Because if this weeks Equinox energy the veil is very thin, which has opened up the spiritual for us. We are able to see and feel what has always been there. We are entering the underworld, a time of more darkness then light. This is a space that needs our light the most. There is a lot of purging occurring. We also have a lot of activity with Chiron, bringing up old wounds, or unresolved issues. As this Planet is being hit with more and more light, more and more is coming to the surface. This is a time to clear any attachments. We have a New Moon in Libra Saturday. This is the first New Moon after the Equinox and the start of a new Lunar Month. This will also open a powerful gateway. New Moons are always a portal to new realities, so our intention is very important in determining where we shift to. This Moon is also a Super Moon, so it’s powerful time for manifesting. This is a time to align and restore your energy. We have a lot of Venus energy as well, which is good for love. This is a time for a fresh start. This is about coming into better alignment with ourselves. The balance we seek with others must first be found within. We will see some amazing things in the sky this month. The Autumn Equinox puts us in the perfect position to see more auroras and sunsets. Part of us finding balance within ourselves, will be us finding more balance with nature. It’s an amazing time to get outside and ground.

Cleansing Full Moon..

You can no longer ignore this energy guiding you.  Let people judge your journey from the outside, it’s for you to understand within.  People can no longer deny the existence of this energy Source as everything is being brought into the light.  There is a collective resistance happening.  It’s time you understand this New World isn’t going to happen collectively for a moment.  It’s something you should be practicing individually right Now through your manifesting.  It’s up to you when you will progress past this point, but it will take more self mastery.  More mastery over your thoughts and vibrational frequencies.  Lucid dreaming takes practice, and it will in these dimensions as well.  These energies have already opened up this New Earth on a dimensional level, and many have already been anchored into those frequencies.  Those that can see will perceive the differences in there timelines as they continue to shift.  Use this Full Moon energy to focus on the new.  It’s a time to use this energy to shift back into energetic alignment.  

An Energy Report- Preparing For The New Moon

This geomagnetic energy is preparing us for the next New Moon Monday.  Pluto is adding drama and intensity to things.  This is a time to eliminate any poison from your life.  Neptune could be bringing out any relationship issues.  We are being asked to move forward to new lessons.  This requires lots of letting go of your old experiences.  If you are seeing control dramas still, it is time to leave.  Poisoning on a spiritual level has been affecting your relationships for far to long.  This is a detoxification period for humanity.  Let go of anything poisoning your soul or your body.  This journey is meant to be a transformation, shifting your focus back to your inner power.  Your desires should be coming to the surface, and they are becoming more apparent. There are too many people still content on giving away their power.  Anyone doing so will ultimately have to face their fears.  This Planet is shifting into Venus Retrograde.  This six week cycle will bring up old issues pertaining to lovers and past lives.  We can not move forward til we resolve these issues within ourselves.  During this period any relationships not serving the collective will become more apparent.  To shift into who you really are, you have to let go of the things your holding on to that are not representative of that person.  Many of your timelines have suddenly become outdated.  To many people are hanging on out of fear.  Let go now, those timelines collapse into real love.  

New Cosmic Energy Cycles..

The collective had to complete a certain amount of karmic lessons to reach this place.  There are certain lessons our souls must learn in separation.  There are major changes occurring to bring humanity back to a place of Oneness.  A rewiring is taking place, a rewiring to higher consciousness.  Old blocks are being removed, in doing so you should be seeing yourself more clearly.  Saturn is challenging Neptune.  This is bringing light to the fact that your timelines are becoming outdated.  They are not in alignment with your higher soul aspects.  You have more work to do too bring things into alignment between the spiritual and the material.  We have a very important energy to work with now.  Sunday the Sun and Mercury move into Libra starting a new cycle.  Your focus should be more energetic balance.  These cosmic energies are leading your soul home, back to Divinity.  We are feeling a push and pull effect between this separation and Oneness, this is duality.  

We Have A New Moon Thursday..

October 19th we have a New Moon in the sign of Libra. This energy is all about finding more balance. We need to use both our heart and our third eye chakras right now. Each is a key to the higher dimensions. We are such a left brained society that we have forgotten how to use our intuition. Use these cosmic energies to start tuning in and paying attention. This New Moon is going to help you understand how you are choosing to spend your energy. It’s all about finding balance and equilibrium in your inner and outer worlds. If you have been ignoring the cues the Universe has been sending you to get more aligned, then you’ll be feeling this New Moon. Start to pay attention. Have more empathy and compassion for your brothers and sisters and Gaia. Libra is about serving others. This New Moon is extremely lucky and holds a lot of manifesting potential. Plant your seeds wisely 😉

Yearly Predictions For 2017 By Horoscope Sign

Capricorn- 2017 will be a perfect year for this sign. You will have lots of free time for the activities that you want to do this year. You will be able to catch every moment of what is happening around you.

Aquarius- This year is important because you will be making big changes. You are expected to make new friends centered around your job, which will make your work go much smoother.

Pisces- You will make this year a wonderful one. You have decisions and sacrifices to make. These decisions will make your future easier. It will be a mix of both good and bad for you.

Aries- You will be dominated by your emotions this year. Make sure you use your head and your heart for any decisions. New opportunities are coming your way, which means you need more energy to materialize your goals.

Taurus- You will be blessed with high energy levels this year. This is a temporary phase so use it to your advantage. This is a good year to work on your professional and personal relationships.

Gemini- You will witness slow changes in life, which means you have lots of time to adjust to these changes. Your working on controlling your stress levels by being more positive in life.

Cancer- A lot is about to happen to you this year, so you must use your energy right to ensure things go well, or for the positive. To avoid problems don’t act without thinking. Your now more sure about what you want in life so this is helping move things in a positive direction.

Leo- You will find time passing slow this year. But, when things happen slow you can accomplish more. Plan out your time good. You also have a positive approach so expect to make new friends this year.

Libra- You will feel energetic this year, so make the best use of your energy. This year will move at a fast pace for you, your high energy levels will help you manage incoming opportunities.

Virgo- This year will move at a slow pace for you, but there will be some changes. Your relationship is of the uttermost importance to you this year, make sure your focused on your friendships as well.

Scorpio- This will be a mixed year for you, with a blend of good times and bad times. It’s very important that you stay calm in order to deal with stressful situations. Working on one thing at a time will help you succeed.

Sagittarius- You are expected to lose your mental stability and peace quite often. You must learn to adjust to the fast pace of life, as this will keep you calm and give you peace. You must work within your limits.