On The Energies…



The 22nd will kick off some major energies.  Tomorrow is the Equinox, and we also shift into Libra Season.  Expect heightened energies, and heightened magic.  We will be continuing to feel the energies of the Equinox over the next few weeks.  Sep 25th we have a Libra New Moon.  That makes this week very important for what your manifesting.  Air is my favorite element to work with.  Expect things to get lighter, and to flow more.  Libra is ruled by Venus.  That means love is in the air.  This Libra Season is all about your love life.  Many need healing in this area.  The next few months will be powerful for any twin flame connections.  Many are being made aware they are doing the necessary work to come into a Twin Flame Union.  Many are in one, and are clearing and healing deep layers as different things are surfacing.  Many are waking up, and are recognizing karmic partners for what they are.  It’s so important your learning to trust your heart right now.  Only you can tell how you feel within a connection.  Pay attention to where your at with your love life right now.  Are there old wounds, or old connections blocking you from moving into a Twin Flame Union? Are you in a karmic situation? Karma is not deserved as we have been taught, it’s an attraction based on old wounding, fear, or insecurity.  No matter what your situation, as each soul plan is unique, we can tap into these energies for so much healing.  We are still in Mercury Retrograde until Oct 1st.  That means it’s very important that we are coming back into balance with ourselves and our energy right now.  Pay attention to how your giving and receiving.  If your the only one doing everything for everyone, time to pull back and reassess your connections.  Libra Season will be showing you how you need to be taking care of yourself more, and areas you need more self love.  We are right in between the light and the dark, right before the scales tip us into the darkness of Winter.  That means the veil between our world and the spiritual worlds is thinning.  It’s easier for our loved ones, and other spirits to visit us.  It’s also a time where the fairies dance into our world.  Expect to have heightened dreams, and visions right now.