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Autumn Equinox…

You should be feeling the energies as tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox.  The Sun will pass over the celestial equator.  Tomorrow the length of day and night will be the same.  The balance of light is shifting and the seasons are changing.  Get ready for shorter days.  This will also bring us into the darker half of the year.  As we move into fall we enter a period of darkness, often thought of as the underworld.  It’s an amazing energy as the veil is very thin.  This means you should be receiving more messages and even guidance.  Really pay attention to your intuition right now.  We also are shifting out of Virgo Season and into Libra Season.  Libra season technically begins September 23rd when the Sun enters Libra.  The energy will really lighten up this shift as we delve into the element of air.  It’s all about coming into balance.  Libra is all about peace and harmony.  Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.   We can expect to go through a lot of activations within the heart chakra the next few weeks.  Mars is still in retrograde so take care with your relationships.  This is a time to celebrate as we near the Harvest Moon, which will occur October 1st.  Our ancestors used to use the Equinox’s to perform ceremonies or rituals.  This energy is known to awaken your spiritual powers.  Things are beginning to feel chaotic as the frequencies have gotten much higher.  We have a lot continuing to happen alongside this ascension.  That’s why it’s so important that we are coming back into balance during this time.  This is meant to be a time of celebration.  It’s a powerful time to be in gratitude.

We are doing a live guided meditation tomorrow at 5pm.  This is a powerful energy to be activated in.  You just sign up and we email you the link to the Facebook group we are using to live stream in…


On The Energies…

We are not just daydreaming in this energy, we are creating.  We may have shifted into Virgo Season, but we are getting ready for next weeks Full Moon in Pisces.  This energy is all about you stepping into your power.  It’s time to really tune into the magic coming from within.  September 1-2 we will have our final  and third Moon of the Summer.  This is the Corn Moon, which may throw you off a little.  September’s Full Moon is usually the Harvest Moon.  In two out of three years the Harvest Moon is in September.  Our Harvest Moon this year will occur on October 1st.  This will be the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  The Autumn Equinox is September 22 and we can expect it to bring some powerful energy with it.  As we move towards Autumn we are clearing a lot of karma.  This season you will reap what you have sown.  This can be taken as very positive too.  This is meant to be a time if very positive energies that bring abundance.  It’s really time to get to work as we prepare for the Winter Season.  This Full Moon in Pisces will be extra powerful.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and one anchored in otherworldly energies.  It’s the only sign of the zodiac that lives completely underwater.  We can expect the floodgates to open as we can see way past the veil at this time.  We have the Sun in its opposite sign of Virgo.  This really will anchor us to the Earth and the grids.  We have an As Above So Below type of theme going on as these energies merge together.  It’s important to remember how we feel within is always being reflected in our outer reality.  This may be a time to make some changes in your life.  Autumn is meant to bring more balance between the light and dark within you.  It’s a powerful time for bringing more healing to the shadow.  This can be a good time to release or let go of any attachments.  It’s time to declutter and get organised.  This time of year reminds us that nothing lasts forever.  Take some extra time to be grateful for where this journey has brought you.  Expect your psychic abilities to be amplified in these energies.  You may be tuning in through your dreams, or just receiving more understanding and inspiration through the downloads and messages your receiving.  You should be shifting more and more towards the spiritual at this time.  Pay attention to where the energy is guiding you.  This is a really good time to sign up for some online spiritual classes, to get more into astrology, crystals, sage, tarot cards, healing, and meditation.  It’s the perfect time to do a ritual, or a cleansing bath, or just a great time to set some positive intentions for the future.  It’s also a powerful time of year for connecting with your ancestors and loved ones in the other realm.  Really connect with your home and family now.  Lots of people will be baking some delicious treats!  This is a powerful time of year for magic as well as fertility.  Expect a lot of feminine energy and influence.  This year we actually will have thirteen Full Moons.  We also have two Full Moons in October.  Halloween’s will be a Blue Moon.

Entering The Underworld..

We have a lot we need to bring into balance, both individually and collectively. The wheel is turning and we have shifted seasons into autumn. This is meant to be a time of celebration and gratitude for the progress we have made. Because if this weeks Equinox energy the veil is very thin, which has opened up the spiritual for us. We are able to see and feel what has always been there. We are entering the underworld, a time of more darkness then light. This is a space that needs our light the most. There is a lot of purging occurring. We also have a lot of activity with Chiron, bringing up old wounds, or unresolved issues. As this Planet is being hit with more and more light, more and more is coming to the surface. This is a time to clear any attachments. We have a New Moon in Libra Saturday. This is the first New Moon after the Equinox and the start of a new Lunar Month. This will also open a powerful gateway. New Moons are always a portal to new realities, so our intention is very important in determining where we shift to. This Moon is also a Super Moon, so it’s powerful time for manifesting. This is a time to align and restore your energy. We have a lot of Venus energy as well, which is good for love. This is a time for a fresh start. This is about coming into better alignment with ourselves. The balance we seek with others must first be found within. We will see some amazing things in the sky this month. The Autumn Equinox puts us in the perfect position to see more auroras and sunsets. Part of us finding balance within ourselves, will be us finding more balance with nature. It’s an amazing time to get outside and ground.

Happy Autumn Equinox..

I will be doing a ceremony/ event from Doll Tor later today. This is a portal to the fairy realms, a doorway to the other worlds. This is a magical forrest and land of the fae to the pagans. These sacred sites are created in perfect astrological alignment, they align with the stars and the heavens. During the right energies, portals open. Gateways for the spiritual. These are dimensional doorways that can be used in powerful ways. During this Transmission we will be connecting with the grids of the Earth, and doing some deep ancestral healing work. This will be a powerful ceremony, to align you with these energies.

here is the link to sign up.. ????????


Energy Report…

We have been going through some powerful energetic shifts. This is a space between Gateways. We have just passed through the 9/9 Portal and and are headed into the Autumn Equinox Gateway. We are doing a lot of upgrades and releasing this week to be ready for the Equinox. This is a good time to integrate as we prepare for the next shift. The Equinox will bring with it some powerful light code activations. There is a powerful transformation occurring. Neptune has been influencing the energies in a huge way! Some are noticing we are instant manifesting the things we are focusing on. This is a time to be daydreaming. The law of attraction is real and we draw to us what we think about. This energy is helping us shift how we see reality. Perception is everything and the veil is thinning more and more. Neptune is assisting us with our spiritual sight. We have many new psychic senses coming online. Many of you are hearing frequencies or are becoming very energy sensitive. Many are having headaches, body aches, sleep disturbances, increased empathy and sensitivity, or other ascension type symptoms. This is our body adjusting to these influxes of high frequency energies. We have a huge influence with Chiron this week. This is pushing the Divine Feminine to release their karmic past. We must release the things no longer never serving us to make space for these new energies. Autumn is about letting go. There is a cosmic upgrade that is occurring and as you shift into the next version of yourself you have some more releasing to do. These are powerful shifts and a powerful time for our intentions to manifest.

I will be doing a transmission for the Autumn Equinox. This will be a powerful meditation and healing.