On The Energies…



Today Mars square Uranus.  This is giving you a chance to shift your mindset, and clear anything blocking your success.  Expect high energies that may be bringing some tension up.  It’s all about getting back on track with your path.  Mercury shifts into Aries today where it will stay until May 15th.  Expect to feel and to be way more magnetic.  Your ability to charm is at an all time high.  This alignment is all about aligning your words with your actions.  It’s one thing to talk and another to make things happen.  Watch your words and make sure you’re not acting impulsively or saying things you don’t mean.  Expect fresh energy of renewal and new beginnings.  This alignment will help you to see things through a new lens.  This will help you to embrace new perceptions and perspectives, and act on your visions.  This is a very productive time energetically.  The next two months are all about laying out your plans and revising them.  Expect a lot of change over the next couple of months.  It’s a great time to start a new venture, business, relationship, or even to set personal goals.  Love is in the air.  Expect these energies to be taking it to the mental level.  Telepathy is at an all time high.  Expect to connect on a deeper level within your relationships.  Expect a deeper level of understanding within them.  This alignment is great for dissolving communication blocks.

art: @shinewonderland