On The Energies…

Today our Moon in Libra is Square Venus in Capricorn.  This is making love and partnership the center of our focus.  It’s all about coming into a deeper balance and harmony energetically.  Our Moon aligns with Pluto in Aquarius.  This is making us want to go deeper in love and to have deeper connections.  You’re wanting a higher quality in your relationships.  It’s all about raising your standards when it comes to your love life.  Expect these energies to be highlighting your love life, but also karmic justice.  We have Mercury, Venus, Mars all in Capricorn right now.  These planets are forming a square to the Lunar Nodes.  That means expect major plot twists.  That makes these energies all about clearing and integrating your past and planning your future.  It’s all about what you’re manifesting in your life right now.  This will make you extra magnetic if you have fated connections around you.  These energies are all about healing the bonds we share with others and finding more emotional balance.  You may feel tested in your connections the first half of this week.  There may be tension in your relationships.  This is because the energies are bringing a lot to the surface for healing.  There is more to be worked on, and worked out.

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