On The Energies…

Today and tomorrow our Moon is near Saturn.  Saturn is Lord Of Time.  I think of Saturn as the ultimate God energy.  It keeps things in order and is in charge of any karma that gets dished out.  There are no breaks you get back exactly what you put out again and again infinitely.  Saturn is that Daddy energy, that serves us hard lessons.  Even in death there are no outs.  Our karmic debt is always carried on from that same place in the next life.  Why it’s so important we are doing the spiritual work.  Lord of Saturn energy in the air.  Pushing past karmic energies up for clearing.  This is a good thing.  Closing out and healing old cycles and energies.  Closing out and collapsing timelines where you had major karmas or traumas.  Major healing energies today and tomorrow.  It’s a great time to call in the Archangel Cassiel.  Archangel Cassiel is the ruling Archangel of Saturn.  He is the Archangel of Duality and can helps us to find more harmony or balance if we are feeling low.  Archangel Cassiel is in charge of past life experiences and reincarnation.  He can help open us up to new realities.  We are going to do Samhain and then of course the Winter Solstice.  Archangel Cassiel is in charge of the Winter Solstice, and the Death Of Kings that comes with it.  Tomorrow the Pleiades starts to align with us too.   Expect a lot of Pleiadian energies over the next month.  During Halloween we also receive a lot of Arcturian Energies.  Every year starting on Oct 25th Arcturus becomes a Ghost Of The Summer Sun.  Arcturus shifts into a special placement.  It’s the same spot where the Sun stood at the same time, by the clock, during June and July.  This star rises at the same time and at the same place as our summer Sun.  So for Halloween Arcturus is the chilly ghost of our departed summer Sun.

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