On The Energies…

Today and tomorrow are both Galactic Activation Portal Days.  Expect some DNA major upgrades over the next couple of days.  Pay attention to what lessons you have been working on, over the course of your lifetime.  These are the energies your clearing.  Pay attention to what is coming up for you now.  You have a lot of old beliefs, patterns, and negative energies that you’re clearing.  On Galactic Activation Portal Days a lot of old emotions and karma comes up.  Many of you are in very karmic situations that you need to clear.  Don’t become comfortable or stuck in situations the Universe has been trying to guide you out of.  On Galactic Activation Portal Days the gate to the spiritual world  is opened more than other days.  Energy vibrates high on these days.  It’s a great time to be doing healing and activation work.  You may feel like you have more energy than usual.  Portal days are energy nodes between Earth-time and Galactic time.  On Portal days, these two different perceptions of reality are intertwined and linked together.  We receive downloads and cosmic knowledge that spirals down from the Galactic heartbeat.  Other realities and higher timelines open up.  The mornings of Oct 21st and Oct 22nd the Orionids Meteor Shower will be raining down on us at its peak.  Expect lots of shooting stars.  The Orionids is from Earth passing through the dust and particles that follow Halley’s Comet.  We always get some nice light trails from the Orionids.  Not to mention energies from Halley’s Comet.  Since we are in the Eclipse Gateway right now.  It may feel a little like we are passing through the void.  We are in this special passageway until our Taurus Full Moon on Oct. 28th.  This is also a Lunar Eclipse.  Taurus brings a strong energy too.  It’s all about clearing and making power moves.   As we shift into Scorpio Season Oct 23rd expect cooler weather and shorter days.

art: @dreammcollage

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