On The Energies…

We will be doing the 9:9 Portal and the 9:11 Portal back to back. We have a Virgo New Moon Sep 14th.  This New Moon brings an auspicious energy for creative projects, improving your love life or taking a chance on something new.  New Moons are times of fresh cycles.  Since it’s the Equinox the 23rd expect the energies to stay real high this month.  We also start to feel and go into the energies of the equinox 3 weeks prior.  Thats now, we are already feeling and receiving the energies of the Equinox.  You’ll be feeling the magic a little extra this Equinox Season.  Jupiter is Retrograde right now and meant to positively affect your relationships.  9:9 Portal brings powerful energies of destiny, completion, and of karmic endings.  The energies of the 9:9 Portal are so special for any Twin Flames.  The upgrades are helping you to reunite with them.  Whether you never met them, or you’re trying to shift out of a separation.  The 9:9 Portal brings powerful energies all about manifesting your desires, taking charge of your life and following your unique path.  It’s time to let go of what’s holding you back.  9:12 is also a major Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Expect a huge influx of Galactic Energies this month.   This Virgo Season is all about healing, and getting our energy right.  We have a chance of X Flares for today.  Lots of energy from last night! We have some Sunspots that are getting bigger.  All of these energies are having powerful effects on us.  Expect lots of DNA activations over the next 2 weeks.  Great time to be doing energy work or just staying more positive to get that much closer to those manifestations.

art: @glittsparkles

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