On The Energies…

You’ll notice you love life hasn’t been really moving right?  There is a huge reason for this Venus Retrograde! It’s time to shift that flow of energy off of your partner, connections, and other people.  It’s time to really take a deep look at yourself and your life right now.  The greatest work your here to do is to really find yourself.  To work on everything in your life.  It’s a great time to get to the gym, start doing more Reiki, taking more space to meditate, give yourself a makeover, do a good detox, start to eat better food, and let’s not forget taking a good look at your finances and how your spending your money.  Things like who you hang out with, and your daily habits become your energy.  It’s all about how you’re taking care of yourself right now.  Today brings that forward momentum back into your love life.  Venus begins to move through her last week of Retrograde.  She’s slowly sorting her affairs out.  Today Mars shifts back into Libra.  Things will start to move again.  That means from now until Oct 11th it’s all about charm, refinement, and relationships.  Todays energy is amazing for your love life and can set things into motion.  Don’t have one whisper what you want to the Universe.  Call it in when you’re ready.  In a separation if you want them back, they will be back.  In a relationship or in love, these energies are dying to take you deeper.  It’s all about focusing on becoming the ultimate partner yourself.  Expect extra magic in your connections right now.

art: @shinewonderland

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