On The Energies…

The Moon aligns with the Pleiades today and tomorrow, in a big way.  When we connect with the energies of the Moon, it helps us to connect to ourselves on a deeper level.  These energies are bringing some major Galactic Upgrades.  It’s all about taping into your intuition.  Moon energies magnify our own energy and what’s going on within us.  Jupiter and Aldebaran, the brightest star in Taurus, will be part of this Celestial Merge too.  That means things are looking up, you’re extra lucky right now.  Expect a lot of positive energies, and huge shifts to be playing out right now.  This Cancer Season we are clearing a lot of emotions.  It’s all about deeper connections right now.  The rest of July and August are bringing a lot of high frequency energies.  Your body is trying to purge out, and clear a lot of outdated programming.  This process we are going through is helping you to hold more, and more of this high frequency energy.  This month is also huge for any Twin Flames.  Flames help each other to face their own darkness, and to heal past traumas.  They bring up issues so we can do the deeper work.  They help us to heal past wounds.  The Lions Gate Portal kicks off the 26th.  It peaks on 8/8, but lasts until 8/12.  During the Lions Gate Portal the Sun and Sirius synchronize together, as they do it creates a supercharged energy frequency.  The veils between the physical world and the spiritual world are extra thin right now.  This is intensifying our spiritual connection.

art: @shinewonderland

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