On The Energies…

7:7 Portal.  Sirius Gateway.  Stargates open as Sirius is closest to the Earth, and aligned with our Sun, which is farthest away from Earth.  Incoming light codes from Lyra and Sirius raining down on us.  This is also a Twin Flame Portal.  These are Cosmic Energies that support Union.  Those in Union are helping to heal and uplift the collective.  Your Twin flame will awaken certain light codes within you, that you need for your healing and for your ascension.  These are connections that can be felt on the astral plane, and on the physical plane.   That’s how you will also know the connection.  Twin Flames help each other to heal past wounds and traumas to shift into 5D.  If you’re in a Twin Flame Separation it may be bringing you to your knees in these energies.  Surrender if that’s you.  This portal is a good time to connect with your Angels, and the Archangels.  We are in Cancer Season.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon.  It’s a loving sign, that naturally cares for those around them.  It’s the empath that’s attuned to the magic of the Moon.  Themes coming up this Cancer season include healing your shadow, inner child, and ego aspects.  Clearing old wounds and ancestral baggage.  So much of that was not even yours to carry.  Clearing karma, you may be having difficulty clearing karma that’s already been done.  It’s behind you in the 3D.  Leave the past lessons there, where they belong.  The 7:7 is bringing some beautiful high frequency energies that are helping us to fully anchor into the 5D.

art: @shinewonderland

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