On The Energies….

The 7:7 Portal is bringing a huge influx of energies.  Our planet is being flooded with energies from our Great Central Sun, and Sirius.  Sirius is the Sun behind our Sun.  it’s a literal Portal, or Gateway to Heaven.  These are very high frequency Galactic Energies.  July is going to bring us some powerful energies as we prepare for the opening of the Lions Gate Portal.  This is meant to bring a beautiful energy of abundance, and spiritual awakening.  We can really tap into, and use these codes for healing, manifesting, and expanding our consciousness.  You’re about to embark on a journey.  For some this may be traveling to somewhere else, or an inner journey.  This awakening is going to take you to somewhere you never expected, but are destined to be!  The 7:7 Portal is important for any Soulmate or Twin Flame Unions.  Allow these situations to shift as they are.   You should be feeling extra empathic as it’s Cancer Season.  This means you can easily understand your partner’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions even more right now.  Stay in gratitude and higher frequencies right now! Gratitude is what every relationship needs to thrive.  It’s a great time to be connecting in love, and to be anchoring these codes into the physical to build within the material.  Expect major DNA and Lightbody Activations thru the weekend!

art: @queen_edit


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