Venus Day!

July 9th Venus is at its greatest brightness.  This is called its “greatest brightness in the 2023 evening apparition.”  It’s the brightest Venus will be in the evening sky before it starts to swing back toward the Sun and eventually appear in the morning skies again.  I’m doing a Goddess activation.  To awaken and activate the Goddess within.  Amazing for everyone.  An activation for that Spark of Life Force, of Goddess Energy.  Sacral healing and integrating and feeling more of your feelings.  Tapping into more of your feminine energies  and intuitive superpowers.  Activating more of your power.  Attract other Goddesses and more Goddess energy into your life.  Remove people who dim your light, or your shine, helping to have more confidence.  Radiate more of that Goddess energy.  Helps to activate that Goddess aura.  Helps to initiate you through that transformative journey your on of self-discovery, change and soul renewal.  Making you more magnetic to people and your desires.  More self love and self awareness.  Bringing healing to your connection with yourself.


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