On The Energies…

Tonight Venus shines at its greatest brightness.  This is called its “greatest brightness in the 2023 evening apparition.”  Venus will be shining very bright until the 14th.  Venus also forms a trio with Mars and Regulus (the brightest star in Leo) tonight.  These three won’t get this close again until 2053!  Venus is shining her light on the Divine Masculine right now.  Expect the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to be going through some major upgrades.  All focus is on love, relationships, beauty, luxuries and intimacy.  The planet Venus always create a balance in both material and spiritual things.  We have matters around finances, wealth, and your future coming up.  Goddess Rising Energies today! In a few days Mars will make a close pass to Regulus, moving close to the Lion’s Heart.  Regulus is associated with Archangel Raphael, so this alignment will bring through a lot of Angelic Energies.  The Moon is extra crowded this month, as we have lots of the Planets near it.  Expect to be feeling it extra then.  7:13 our Moon aligns with the Pleiades.  The Moon and the Pleiades will be doing their own dance on that night.  Venus, and Mars continue their dance on this day too, joining the Moon and the Pleiades.  Expect the Galactic Energies to continue.  We will receive a huge influx of Pleiadian Energies this week too!

art: @glittsparkles


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