On The Energies…

We are moving through the Sirius Gateway and the 7/7 Portal.  We have huge cleansing energies at play in your life.  The Galactic Energies will be strong this month.  Happy 4th Of July!! The Earth, and Sun are in conjunction with Sirius right now.  All about liberation, freedom, and the deeper clearing work happening in your life.  Sirius is Isis the beloved wife of Osiris (Orion).  Sirius brings blessings of abundance, fertility and a rebirth.  Sirius is where the souls of the dead go after they leave Earth.  Sirius also lights up and illuminates the spiritual world, opening up spiritual dimensions.  Cancer Season is a time to tune into and to tap into your intuition.  This is a time of deep emotional exploration and connection.  Cancers are known for their intense sensitivity, fierce loyalty, and intuitive nature.  Cancer Season activates the constellation of Canis Major and Sirius.  We are still feeling those Supermoon energies.  In fact the Moon will be full with this one, another two nights.  An amazing time to be tapping into the energies.  They are amazing for healing and manifesting thru the 7:7 Portal.  Expect the energies to continue to climb and intensify until then.

art: @shinewonderland

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