On The Energies…

We are still very much in the Milky Way Portal.  This Gateway has been open from the 11th and closes the 20th.  During this time Earth is crossing over the Galactic Center of our Universe.  I like to think of the Galactic Center as a gravitational whirlpool, or a black hole.  It’s the point around which our Milky Way galaxy turns.  We are still adjusting to the massive upgrades that came with the Lions Gate Portal.  We have had a lot of light codes and different energies coming in.  The energies are changing and it’s triggering the ascension process for those that are just now waking up.  The entire world is now beginning to notice and feel the energies and that is a big shift by itself.  We still have a lot of cosmic energies pouring in as we gear up for tomorrow’s New Moon in Leo.  This Moon will bring a massive energetic reset with it.  It’s bringing with it a lot of positive energies, meant to shift you to a new beginning.  This energy should be inspiring you to dive deeper into your purpose.  It’s a powerful time to be setting some goals, or just some positive intentions.  This New Moon is special because it’s the second New Moon to occur within the past 30 days.  That makes this New Moon a Black Moon.  That means it extra powerful for manifesting! We still are in the Perseids Meteor Shower til next week to, which is adding to these energies.  We also have a lot of energies coming in from the Andromeda galaxy as well.  Now is a really good time to be looking for it.  It’s an amazing time to stargaze.  These alignments are reminding us that our Milky Way Galaxy is just one of billions of galaxies in the universe.  We are such a small part of something so much bigger happening during this time.  These energies are perfect for manifesting that miracle you need.  Pay attention to the messages and any dreams coming through during this time.

Photo: Simon Bauer

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