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Black New Moon In Leo…

We can expect big shifts with today’s New Moon in Leo.  This Moon is also a Black Moon.  It’s the third New Moon in a season with four New Moons.  Each season should only have three New Moons.  Black Moons tend to make people emotional.  They also tend to affect people’s behaviour as well as there consciousness.  It’s technically considered a Supermoon so we will really feel it’s effects.  This Moon will bring a lot of solar energy with it.  Expect a ton of light codes as the Earth is still very much in alignment with the Galactic Center right now.  We may have passed through the energies of the Lions Gate Portal, but we are still very much feeling them.  We are still in the Milky Way Portal until the 20th.  Right now we are getting a great view of our Milky Way.  You can see the entire galaxy shining right now.  We have shooting stars from meteor showers happening around the world.  While the Perseids Meteor Shower may have peaked, it’s still going on until next week.  We have tons of Galactic energies pouring in too! Energies are still streaming in from Sirius, Orion, Mintaka, and now Andromeda.  Some people think a Black Moon signifies the end of the world.  This New Moon is anything but that.  It’s here to bring the new.  It’s here to heal and release the shadow.  These are positive energies that are meant to shift your frequency.  These cosmic energies are for sure going to continue to shake things up.  That’s why it’s very important that we are staying grounded.  This energy is powerful for healing or setting intentions.  Get outside connect with the Earth.  It’s an amazing time to stargaze.  You may even see a Perseid fireball.   This energy for sure has an element of magic in it.

On The Energies…

We are still very much in the Milky Way Portal.  This Gateway has been open from the 11th and closes the 20th.  During this time Earth is crossing over the Galactic Center of our Universe.  I like to think of the Galactic Center as a gravitational whirlpool, or a black hole.  It’s the point around which our Milky Way galaxy turns.  We are still adjusting to the massive upgrades that came with the Lions Gate Portal.  We have had a lot of light codes and different energies coming in.  The energies are changing and it’s triggering the ascension process for those that are just now waking up.  The entire world is now beginning to notice and feel the energies and that is a big shift by itself.  We still have a lot of cosmic energies pouring in as we gear up for tomorrow’s New Moon in Leo.  This Moon will bring a massive energetic reset with it.  It’s bringing with it a lot of positive energies, meant to shift you to a new beginning.  This energy should be inspiring you to dive deeper into your purpose.  It’s a powerful time to be setting some goals, or just some positive intentions.  This New Moon is special because it’s the second New Moon to occur within the past 30 days.  That makes this New Moon a Black Moon.  That means it extra powerful for manifesting! We still are in the Perseids Meteor Shower til next week to, which is adding to these energies.  We also have a lot of energies coming in from the Andromeda galaxy as well.  Now is a really good time to be looking for it.  It’s an amazing time to stargaze.  These alignments are reminding us that our Milky Way Galaxy is just one of billions of galaxies in the universe.  We are such a small part of something so much bigger happening during this time.  These energies are perfect for manifesting that miracle you need.  Pay attention to the messages and any dreams coming through during this time.

Photo: Simon Bauer

Incoming Energies..

This New Moon in Leo marks the end of the Summer Eclipses.  This is a Black Moon, it’s the second New Moon this month, glitches.  This is a Super Moon, as in it will be very close to this Planet.  We will be feeling the vibrations of this Moon.  The Eclipses and Retrogrades have been bringing things to the surface.  This has been to show you what you need to heal.  These energies are getting intense and you are the only one responsible for everything you have ever created here.  It’s time to change our frequency, only then can we change the lessons we are attracting.  It’s time to clear and heal your heart chakra.  There has been so much blocking you from love, now is time to release these blockages.  Mercury is about to shift direct this will lighten things up.  This energy is here to move us into the Lionsgate Portal on 8/8.  August is a huge month astrologically.  It brings with it many gateways we can use to shift into higher states of consciousness.  The energy won’t just do anything for us, this is about becoming consciously aware and creating the changes we wish to see.  The end of August will be intense for relationships.  If your relationship is no longer serving you then you will need to shift out of it.  Only in being in alignment with ourselves can we open up to a Spiritual Union.  We can expect another wave of Cosmic energy tonight.  We have a lot of incoming Solar and Lunar energies that are amplifying our manifesting.  With any New Moon energy it’s important that we are focused with our intent.

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