On The Energies…

Solar flare alert.  Major waves of energy coming in.  The Spring Equinox is Mar 20th.  We are starting early on this one.  We already have those Equinox cracks wide open the past few days.  Earth’s magnetic field has been going through some major shifts.  That’s why we are starting to get rocked with the Energies.  Expect things to only intensify over the next month as we move towards the Equinox.  Make this a good thing.  Get creative.  Your here to help the Planet.  Show it in your actions.  Find things to do that you love and are passionate about.  Pour into those around you and they will pour back into you.  Venus continues to be at her brightest over the next 3 weeks.  That means major heart chakra and love life upgrades are happening.  Old blocks from the past may be coming up for release.  That means she’s at her strongest and you can manifest the best of the entire year in matters of Love and Money right now.  Major energies for the Twin Flame collective.  There are 144,000 Twin Flame Lightworkers here on the Planet during this time.  These are the healers.  This collective holds the codes to heal the Planet.  If you are a Starseed you probably came here as a team bringing your Twin Flame with you.  That is to help each other to ascend.  Your gifts will be fire together.  Yes it’s everything you think it is, and so much more.  First Flames must go through the fire for each other.  You’ll know them because it’s a whole spiritual vibe.  These are deep past life soul connections.  The energies right now are going to wake us up even more.  So major spiritual awakening occurring.  You will be feeling the Galactic Energies coming into the Planet more and more.  Today thru Saturday will be intense energies for many.  If your having Ascension Symptoms they are simply a guide to what you need to heal, work on, or release.  Make sure you’re really tuning into your body and how you feel.   Make sure you’re following the soul pulls you’re getting.  We are all needing to raise the vibrational frequencies.  If you’re a Lightworker/ Empath/ Healer this could look like you’re taking in and having to clear a lot of energies.  Take good care of your own energy right now.  These energies are opening up the spiritual more and more.  Many may feel they are between worlds right now.  You may be feeling energy or magic running through you right to your bones.  You may be feeling cold, shivers, spirit chills, or even waves of energy.  At the same time some may feel hot.  If you are this is from the lightbody activations going on, your old 3D body is literally burning off in layers.


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