On The Energies…



Happy 1:1 Portal!  Happy New Year!  The energies will continue to be super Galactic the next few days.  We still have some Retrogrades going on, and of course Solar Flares, and Geomagnetic Storms kicking off.  We have a New Years Comet approaching Earth.  Comet ZTF is moving through our Solar System and we will be able to see it this year.  This is dubbed as a once in a lifetime event.  The Sun is continuing to stream a lot of plasma energies at us.  We are continuing to feel the effects of Sirius, which is also our New Years Star.  It’s here to help with our shift into 2023.  Sirius will once again be back at its highest for the night on Feb 1st.  Sirius is home to Heaven, Angels, and Galactics.  That means as we are receiving these energies we are so open to the other side.  The 1:1 Portal is a powerful Gateway for spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and shifting to higher timelines.  It’s a master number, and one of many, you are seeing often in many forms.  Expect this Portal to activate more magic in synchronicity in your life.  The 1:1 Portal is also powerful for Relationships and Divine Lovers.  These energies can help you so much in meeting or coming together in a reunion with your Destined Partner.  The Angels are around you and your union and are helping you so much! 2023 will be all about stepping into and taking back your power on every level.  We are clearing major blocks.  These energies are bringing a major healing to all areas of your life.  This week is the peak of the Quadrantids Meteor Shower (Jan 4th-5th).  Expect it to be Raining Shooting Stars and Meteors.  Expect a little boost to your manifesting.  Friday is our Cancer Full Moon.  This Moon is super charged from all of the Galactic Energies.  This Moon will also appear Full for the day before and after it.  Expect a 3 Day Full Moon! Expect major DNA activations this week.  Doing some type of energy work is advisable.

art: @shinewonderland