On The Energies…

We will be moving through some powerful energies the next couple of weeks.  From the 11th to the 20th we are moving through an intense window of Galactic Activation Portals days all in a row.  Expect major DNA and Lightbody Upgrades.  During this time there is a huge influx of light and energy.  The entire grid, along with all Stargates and Portals will be extremely active.  That makes the rest of October a great time to get outside! The energies can make people feel emotional and ungrounded.  Some of you may be feeling the collective energies in an intense way too.  Karma may be coming up to clear.  You may be guided to clear any type of toxic connections, especially if it’s your family.  This can be confusing as many of our past bonds we may have experienced were probably very karmic.  We see 3D dissolving before our eyes.  This can look like suddenly having no interest in your old life, as you know I new one is so close within reach.  You may feel aches pains, excess energy, or even no energy.  If you have health issues you’ll probably notice them more.  This is so you can heal them.  This may look like learning a new way.  Doing some energy work, meditating, really spending time connecting and being with yourself will help.  You may be integrating a lot of knowledge fast.  This may look like feeling a pull to study, or getting lots of Galactic Downloads.  You’re Shifting into new dimensions of self and the soul.  This is being reflected through moves, or changes in your physical reality.  Expect more dreams over the next few months.  Pay attention to what you’re remembering.  You’ll be tapping in through the astral more during this period.  Expect more messages coming through in all forms.  Expect to see more positive signs.  This is also a time where your loved ones on the other stand beside you.  Expect to sense, feel, and to be connecting on every level a little extra right now.


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