On The Energies…



We are moving through the veil.  That may feel emotional for some as we very much travel between worlds right now.  It’s important that you’re holding people a little tighter right now.  If you have something to say, reach out and tell them.  We need to start living each day like it’s our last.  Most of the time we never get to say goodbye.  You’re about to see a lot of souls coming and going right now.  This is the Awakening and Ascension of Earth that is happening.  If you are a Medium or can see spirits expect this time to be extra active.  This may be a lot for you.  Any gifts you have will be coming online more and more.  You may be remembering your dreams more.  Pay attention to where you’re “jumping” too.  You’re doing so much in other dimensions right now.  Your dreams give you a glimpse into these other worlds.  Clairvoyance in your sleep is activating.  Expect to see more across all realities.  You will be feeling more.  This could be other peoples energies and the spiritual all around you.  Many are becoming Clairsentient.  You may be picking up on voices right now.  You are meant to become telepathic.  You should be hearing, or starting to hear your Spirit Guides.  You will become much more Clairaudient.  New dimensions of your soul are activating.  Expect major Light Body Activation as we are in a period of Galactic Activation Portal days until the 20th.  This is why it’s so important for many of you to master the spiritual.  It will help you so much the more that you are.