On The Energies…

Happy 3:3 Portal! The Planet is really starting to feel the Galactic Energies coming in right now.   The frequencies are going to keep rising too.  The best thing that we can do is to raise our own vibrational frequency so we can better flow in these energies.  We are going to be feeling the energies of last night’s New Moon merging together with today’s 3:3 Portal.  The number 33 symbolizes Master Teacher.  It’s a master number that’s connected to the Ascended Masters.  We have a lot to learn fast right now.  It’s so important that your dedicating time for the spiritual.  Whether this is bringing more of it into your life, or studying and learning more.  Earth is the ultimate school, a place we come to so that we can learn.  We are being guided to learn more about the Universe, the chakras, your energy, planetary energies, healing, and astrology.  Many of you are awakening.  Know that whatever place your in, your meant to be there.  Many of you are working in different areas.  Your meant to help bring in the new.  Your meant to be bringing light, love, healing and compassion to wherever you are.  You are a gridpoint in the collective grid.  Your job is to anchor more light into it.  You do that by tapping into and turning up your own light.  Today’s 3:3 Portal is a Gateway into the energies of the Equinox.  Today is the start of us feeling the energies of the Equinox.  Over the next 3 weeks we are going to go through some big shifts.  We are going to see some big energies.  The Spring Equinox brings some powerful solar light codes.  We can connect with these energies for some major upgrades.  It’s a time where celebrations are held for different Gods and Goddesses.  The month of March is so powerful for our intentions.  The intentions we are putting out with these energies are shaping the rest of our year.  This is a powerful time for what your thinking about, or focusing on.  The rest of Pisces Season is bringing a lot of emotional purging.   That’s because this Pisces Season is bringing a clearing.  We are clearing blocks related to how we may have shut down/ or blocked our own gifts in the past.  This month we are needing to do much more clearing work, and some of that is from the collective energies.  That’s why this is a great time to do some spring cleaning.  It’s a great time to be bringing some positive energies and magic into your home.  I would recommend doing a good cleaning.  Are there things you are not using that you should get rid of? Areas to declutter? Things to give away or donate.  It’s important that we are purifying on every level.  Your home is usually a reflection of your own energy.  I would also do a ritual to bring in the four elements.  You can do an incense for Air, a candle for Fire, Water, and Salt for Earth.

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