New Moon Solar Eclipse…

Happy Solstice! We are in a powerful vortex right now!  Today we had some powerful Portal energies hitting us.  We have a New Moon in Cancer.  It’s also a Solar Eclipse, or the Ring of Fire.  These are some powerful alignments.  Many of you are feeling these energies guiding you or even your ancestors.  We are literally between worlds, and making some massive shifts.  This energy is intense and has a tendency to shake things up.  We can expect to really feel these effects of these Eclipse and Solstice energies for the next several days.  We are also being flooded with a ton of galactic energies right now.  Your being activated! Many of you will be feeling the effects of these light codes.  Eclipses open up other dimensions and can do powerful things to our realities.  They can be a powerful gateway to something new.  This is an amazing time to reflect on your path.  We are still in Retrograde Season and in fact have 5 Planets in retrograde.  This can be the time to tap into your infinite potential.  You should be feeling extra tuned in.  Many of you are having powerful dream experiences in your sleep.  Or are just knowing what’s coming.  This is a powerful time for any twin flame or soulmate connections.  Many of you have been clearing and healing a lot of relationship type stuff.  This is a really good energy to use to bring more healing and love into your relationships.  Since this is a huge amount of energy you may be releasing things. We are entering a new cycle of energies and many are noticing an increase in synchronicities.  This is a really good energy to use to come back into balance.

This is a powerful time to do any activations or DNA healing.  Check out Shop out..

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