Happy 2/2 Portal!

Happy 2/2 Portal! The 2/2 Portal is open! This is a Gateway to Spring.  It’s also a time to celebrate as we continue to make some big Shifts.  Today is a major Gateway!  This Gateway is bringing some major DNA upgrades, and we are passing through a GeoStorm with it.  The Solar Winds are really high and the Light Codes are flooding in right now.  This is a great time to come back into alignment.  We are in Mercury Retrograde so it’s a great time to Rest and Reflect on things.  Today’s Gateway is bringing some beautiful energy with it.  While this energy may be intense it’s meant to bring us back into balance.  22 is one of the most powerful Master Numbers. It symbolises intuition, emotions, balance, service, and personal power.  The number 2 symbolises out greater purpose or soul mission.  22 is able to turn all dreams and desires into reality.  This Gateway is here to assist you with just that.  It’s the perfect energy for turning your dreams into reality.  This energy is bringing a dreamy vibe with it.  Make sure you have Love on that manifesting list, as it is the focus this week.  It’s also an amazing time to connect with the element of Spirit or your Ancestors.  This Gateway is preparing us for the Spring Equinox.  The energies will be quite high from now until then.  It’s a good time to use this energy to get things done.  It’s a great time for any home projects you may have to do.

art: @riasteria