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Happy 2/2 Portal!

Happy 2/2 Portal! The 2/2 Portal is open! This is a Gateway to Spring.  It’s also a time to celebrate as we continue to make some big Shifts.  Today is a major Gateway!  This Gateway is bringing some major DNA upgrades, and we are passing through a GeoStorm with it.  The Solar Winds are really high and the Light Codes are flooding in right now.  This is a great time to come back into alignment.  We are in Mercury Retrograde so it’s a great time to Rest and Reflect on things.  Today’s Gateway is bringing some beautiful energy with it.  While this energy may be intense it’s meant to bring us back into balance.  22 is one of the most powerful Master Numbers. It symbolises intuition, emotions, balance, service, and personal power.  The number 2 symbolises out greater purpose or soul mission.  22 is able to turn all dreams and desires into reality.  This Gateway is here to assist you with just that.  It’s the perfect energy for turning your dreams into reality.  This energy is bringing a dreamy vibe with it.  Make sure you have Love on that manifesting list, as it is the focus this week.  It’s also an amazing time to connect with the element of Spirit or your Ancestors.  This Gateway is preparing us for the Spring Equinox.  The energies will be quite high from now until then.  It’s a good time to use this energy to get things done.  It’s a great time for any home projects you may have to do.

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Don’t Miss Our 222 Portal Activation…

Welcome to the 2/2 Portal!! Today, all day, I’m doing a 222 Gateway Activation.  This 222 Gateway is so powerful for manifesting and healing.  Today’s 222 Activation is a special healing just for this energy.  It’s a DNA activation for Starseeds.  This will help better connect you with your higher self and will help activate your Galactic DNA, which we all have.  This will help merge your star energy into the physical.  Here is the link to sign up…


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On The Energies…

A lot of you are feeling the Space Weather right now.  We have lots of solar wind and ascension energies hitting the planet right now.  It’s kicking off Geomagnetic Storms.  This year the frequencies will continue to go up, we have tons of high frequency energies pouring in.  These are full of Light Codes.  We have a ton of Upgrades coming with this year too! Expect the energies to be quite high between now and the Spring Equinox.  This week we have a Full Moon in Leo and a Shift into Mercury Retrograde.  This weeks Full Moon is bringing a powerful energy with it.  Many of you are already feeling the effects of its energies.  This is the first Full Moon of 2021 and the Wolf Moon.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and bringing the element of fire.  It’s reminding you it’s time to step up as a leader.  This is one of the most energetically charged times of the year.  You should be getting lots of creative bursts of energy and inspiration.  It’s a time to tap into your inner magic.  Remember your greatest magic comes from within.  We are in a Pre-Retrograde Shadow, and about to Shift into Mercury Retrograde.  This Mercury Retrograde will be bringing some Spring Cleaning to your past.  Many of you have been trying so hard to hang on to people not meant to be.  It’s important that you stop looking backwards.  This is bringing a reflective energy with it.  We have already been anchored into the New Earth.  This means we are Manifesting like never before so take care with your words this Mercury Retrograde.  Next week we celebrate Imbolc.  This is the Pagan celebration of awakening.  It marks the half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  The 2/2 Portal next week is going to open a massive Gateway that will lead us into the Spring.  The 2/2 Gateway is so powerful it’s able to turn all of your dreams into reality.  This isn’t the best time to start new projects.  Many of you are needing extra rest.  It’s a great time to get a Game Plan!  Really set some goals, visualise your future.  The Seeds we are planting right now are very important, so stay extra positive with your thoughts.

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On The Energies…

We have Shifted into a new element of air.  We are in Aquarius Season and an Aquarius Stellium.  We have a line up of three planets in Aquarius, and next month will make four.  This means we have a lot of the same energies at play.  Aquarius is about working together and connecting with your own intuition.  This Aquarius Season will bring lessons on focusing on the needs of the collective.  It’s a great time to start a group project or to join some spiritual groups.  Next week also brings us Mercury Retrograde.  The last few years of Mercury Retrograde have all been in water signs.  This year the majority will be in air signs.  This means we will be going through a lot of activation with the third eye and the mind over the next several months.  We have a huge focus this year on pushing past the 3rd dimensional limits to better experience a 5th dimensional level of reality.  It may feel a little dreamy at this time.  We are also still feeling the influence of Neptune being in alignment with the lunar nodes.  This means our fate or destiny is unfolding.  The nodes are thought of as the dragons head and tail.  They are very good luck.  That means the Universe is fully supporting any big shifts you may need to make to fully step into your power.  It’s time to step into your destiny.  We all should be getting an inner knowing of what that is.  Expect a ton of energy for next weeks Full Moon in Leo.  You may be feeling the need to catch up on rest this week as our body is preparing.  Next weeks Full Moon will take us into the 2/2 Portal.  2/2 is the half way mark between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  Better known as Imbolc, or Groundhog Day.  It’s a gateway to Spring and a time to celebrate.  Spring and Summer will bring some really beautiful energies with them.

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