An Energy Update…

We have entered the second half of March.  We are counting down til this weekend’s Spring Equinox.  We are going to wrap up the month with lots of Galactic Energies and some big Energy Shifts.  We in the last few days of Pisces Season.  The Equinox marks the start of Aries Season.  You may be feeling the Shift from Water to Fire a little extra right now, if your either of these elements.  We are feeling the first energies of the Spring.  The Equinox is bringing the Light back, and it’s much needed.  Expect a massive surge of Energies and Light Codes this Equinox.  The rest of March is bringing some powerful Ascension Upgrades.  This is the space to be working on who you are, or even who you want to become.  It’s the best time to work on how you feel about yourself.  We also have some big Planetary Shifts going on.  Mercury is in Pisces until April 3rd.  That means the Dreamy Vibes will continue.  You should be feeling extra tuned in right now.  Really listen to your intuition.  It’s also a great time to be working on developing your psychic abilities.  It’s a great time to delve into the Dream World, or Astral Dimensions.  The Equinox will be bringing Big Energies this year.  It’s a powerful week for Healing, and Manifestation.  It’s a great time to channel creative ideas to create more abundance in your life.  Friday Mars and the Moon align, appearing together.  Mars rules Aries.  It’s the planet of action.  Aries Season should reignite our energy and our passion.  It will bring some big Solar Plexus upgrades, and will boost our confidence.  It’s time to make things happen.  These energies are really amplifying any positive energies or intentions your putting out.  This is a time of rebirth and abundance.  We can also expect lots of Shooting Stars and Meteors this week.


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