9:9 Portal…

We have the energies of the 9:9 Portal coming in now.  These high frequency energies are flooding the Planet.  These are galactic energies encoded with crystalline light codes.  Expect some huge DNA activations this week.  The 9:9 Portal is also connected to Atlantis.  Many of you may be having things from this timeline coming up to clear and heal.  Today through 9/11 are powerful days for doing healing work and activations.  9/11 is also a big gateway day.  The 9:9 Portal is a doorway that we can step though to enter into better realities.  We are all shifting to a new timeline right now.  There are also 99 major Earth cosmic portals.  They tend to activate a little extra with the 9:9 Portal.  Expect the Earth energies and Ley Lines to be extra active leading up until the Equinox.  That makes this an amazing time to get outside and to connect with the Earth.  The energies of the 9:9 Portal will really help raise up the frequencies.  It has the potential to put the entire Planet on a better timeline.  This gateway is powerful for manifesting.  It’s a great time to be finding your flow.  Except miracles to come through with these energies.  A lot of people are feeling these energies a little extra as things continue to intensify energetically.  You may be a little extra tired, emotional, or irritated.  Some of that is the energetic upgrades that are happening.  We are continuing to clear the old.  The energy is very high and the veil is very thin.  That means we can tune into the spiritual easier.  Pay attention to what your being guided to work on at this time.  These energies are great for giving us more insight into what to be healing.

art: @global.annihilation

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