12:12 Portal Meditation…

We are coming together to meditate Saturday for the 12:12 Portal and Monday for the Solar Eclipse.  We are in a powerful Triple Gateway.  This 12:12 energy is taking us into the Winter Solstice.  These light codes and solar energies are activating our light body.  When we come together to meditate it helps the rest of the Planet so much.  Studies have shown that meditation can decrease and prevent violent crimes and even wars.  When we create peace within ourselves, we create that peace in our outer realities as well.  When we come together we are able to spread positive healing energies across the world and across the consciousness grid.  This helps activate everyone else too.  We are doing a Merkaba activation for 12:12.  We will be working with your heart, third eye, and root.  These are Egyptian energies and perfect for anyone drawn to Egypt and there past lives there.  We would love for you to join us Saturday at 5pm UK time.  It works the same on replay to.  You just sign up and then check your email for the link.  It’s beautiful energies when we come together for these Gateways.


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