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Egyptian Energies

Your past is coming back to be cleansed.  This is the day of purification the Hopi prophesied.  The world is collapsing and forming something new.  Old wounds are coming to the surface.  Our past timelines in Egypt are colliding in the Now as this consciousness group once again gets ready to collide on one timeline.  This has been a long cycle, filled with lots of growth.  Set aside the rest of the world right now.  It is an illusion that’s becoming more and more outdated.  Go within, connect with the Egyptian energies of your past.  Your pain you are releasing now, lies there.  The start of where this cycle has ended.  Things are colliding.  We are getting ready for a massive timeline merger, one never attempted before.  You must purify more, this journey will require a very high frequency.  These Galactic energies hitting the Planet are shifting the energies you associate with time.  Focus on your astral body and third eye as what you need to travel.  What you need to do this liberation is for you to understand who you were back then, at the start of this cycle.  If you think you were God like then, you have had an entire cycle added to that person of gained wisdom.  Use your energetic knowing to shift frequencies.  

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Ways To Unblock Your Third Eye

Tamarind- This is an Indian herb.

Hydrilla Verticillata- A type of seeweed that is available in supplement form.

Chlorella- An algae.

Spirilina- A type of blue-green algae that comes in pill, powder, and capsule forms.

Zeolite- A mineral supplement that’s thought to remove heavy metals and toxins.

Ginseng- An herb used widely in Traditional Chinese Medicine; you’ll find it in tincture and capsule form.

Bentonite Clay- A fine, powdered substance that’s said to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals from the body.

Cod Liver Oil- High in omega fats, is thought to nourish the pineal gland and is said to help decalcify calcium deposits.

Meditate in the dark- Melatonin is amazing for the third eye since the third eye regulates melatonin and serotonin levels.

Essential Oils- Some good oils for the third eye are sandalwood, frankincense, lavender, pine, and davana oil. We sell third eye essential oil on our site and you can actually put it topically on your third eye and on your wrists for amazing benefits, it’s also amazing for stress.

Put the electronic devices down- EMF waves are bad for your third eye.

Crystals- Some crystals good for your third eye are amethyst, moonstone, pietersite, sodalite, rhodonite, purple sapphire, and purple tourmaline.

Melatonin- Taking melatonin every night can help regulate your third eye and will help with your serotonin levels.

Signs Your Third Eye Has Opened

How Do I Know If My Third Eye Is Open

How do I know my third eye has openedThere is so much hidden power in the human brain. The pineal gland is a small, cone shaped, gland in the middle of your brain. When your pineal gland is open it will grow and look much like an open pine cone. We live in the middle of a complicated prison system, with massive control systems keeping humanity asleep. The most basic systems are here to control us, such as religions. There is fluoride pumped into all of our water, it’s only purpose is to stop anyone’s pineal gland from opening. The fluoride causes calcification to your pineal gland. You can decalcify and open the corresponding energy center for the pineal gland, or your third eye. Here are signs your third eye is open.

Pressure between the eyebrows or headaches. The pressure is very intense and powerful, it can feel as if someone is pushing on your head. It is common for you to get headaches when your third eye expands. I had major headaches, it felt like my head was growing.

You will change what you eat. You have become more conscious of what you eat. You are trying to decalcify your pineal gland, and your sensitivity to toxins is increasing. You need to eat high vibration foods. You will realize food is energy and what we put in our bodies is so important. You will be able to feel the vibration of your food.  Your body will force you, at a certain point, to switch your diet. Your spiritual diet will require this.

Your perception will move past duality. This chakra gives you the ability to see that we are all one, and everything is one. The pineal gland gives you assess to higher levels of consciousness and other dimensions. There is no more duality, no more separateness like we are taught to perceive, you will realize this is a painful illusion. This will all happen in stages. Your crown chakra and its expansion will happen when you open your third eye. You will start to experience yourself in everyone/everything.

You will change the way you think. You are awake and what you used to think wasn’t real, it doesn’t work on you anymore. The old ways you used to think are gone, therefore they stopped reflecting in your life. You begin to reprogram and clear your mind and any blocks you may have. In the first stages you will question everything, this can be related to mainstream media. You will begin to question everything, and you will stop following others blindly. You no longer just accept what is taught, you will be able to filter it out on your own. The process of mental transformation and reorganization has begun, as in you are now playing out your new found truths in your life.

Your mind has expanded and opened. When my crown chakra opened it felt like I was shot in the head, but with light. I felt my head explode. You will have heightened concentration and focus. Your thoughts will become only a tool used to manifest, or a way to talk telepathically. My head is clear now, as in my ego is no longer left on repeat all day long. You can understand very complicated concepts, you will be guided by spirit and taught higher truths. Communication will now consist of downloads. Communication is not with words,but in energy pockets directly downloaded into the mind. The energetic information is received and processed in a fraction of a second, and when written each download contains a lot of information.

Your psychic powers begin to function. Telepathy is normal and how you will talk to others in the very near future.  Clairavoince, and just knowing will be normal.   Intuition has gone from being just a feeling, to a tool that is beginning to develop into a tool of precision. Synchronicity begin to happen more and more, you will figure out its the Universe communicating with you.

You will be able to see through the illusion. You will see that we live in a complicated prison system, and you will see through the veil. This will allow you to see that these systems that are in place definitely are not serving us. You will see that our planet can not go on like this, we are destroying it. At the same time you will see such Beaty, such oneness. Everything is alive, conscious speaks and communicates with you in frequency and energy. You see how interconnected everything really is. We are all one.