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On The Energies…

We are feeling the Lunar Energies thru tomorrow.  We always do in that 3 day space! It may be affecting your sleep, or more may be coming up right now.  We have high energies and a lot shifting around this month! This is a good thing.  3:11 we have a Jupiter Conjunct Chiron.  The fire of Aries is and has been bringing some major activations this month.  These energies are all about your path and the lessons you have been integrating.  Healing the past.  Healing the deeper wounds that you carry.  All about feelings and emotions and releasing any blocks in this area.  A slow release of any fear as we are learning to create on greater levels.  We have 4 Galactic Activation Portal Days coming at us this month.  3:13, 3:17, 3:24, and 3:25.  This is adding to the energies.  Expect major Galactic Upgrades on these days.  It’s all about coming into a deeper alignment right now.  Really tapping into what sets your soul on fire.  We are feeling the energies of the Equinox already.  This is a powerful energetic gateway, shifting you into a new start.  New story vibes coming at us with this one.  It’s a time to find balance.  It’s a powerful time for any Twin Flames.  The Spring always brings huge positive shifts in these type of connections.  The Equinox also brings a Shift into Aries, and an Aries New Moon the next day.  The rest of Pisces Season a time to dream.  Seeding good intentions for the path ahead.  We are manifesting fast what we are focused on! Using these energies to put good intentions out for your path ahead.  During the Spring Equinox our Planet begins a dance with the Pleiades.  In the Northern Hemisphere during the Spring Equinox the Pleiades will rise during the day.  Each day the Sun is shifting a little closer into alignment with the Pleiades.  They do a whole dance dance through Beltane that complete on the Summer Solstice as the Pleiades rises right before the dawn.  That means we are receiving extra energy from the Pleiades this month too!

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On The Energies…

Tomorrow’s Virgo Full Moon is all about healing and getting healthy.  We are so needing too, in order to better integrate the changes happening within the body.  The frequencies are going up this year massively.  That’s why it’s so important to be raising your own personal frequency.  Things like feeling good, being in love and gratitude, doing things that feed your soul, finding forgiveness, healing, eating high vibe foods, meditation, nature, having fun and laughing, exercise, cleaning up your personal space, being kind and of service, listening to music, and to be around more positive people will all help you with your energy.  This Full Moon is about letting go.  Saturn is Shifting into Pisces the 7th too.  This is The Most Important Astrological Shift Of 2023.  Saturn is the Teacher, Cosmic Taskmaster, and Ruler Of Time and Karma.  This alignment can help us to shift the heavy energies of the past and to find love and forgiveness.  Any shift into Pisces helps us to find completion.  This alignment will help us to shift out of the past and into that future we have been manifesting.  This Virgo Full Moon is helping us to lay the foundation.  It’s all about those physical manifestations.  Earth signs are the builders of the zodiac.  All about your intentions you’re putting out for the future right now.  This alignment is going to help us to heal and release any sacral chakra blocks.  Pay attention to any creative ideas you are getting.  Especially ones that you think are helpful to the collective, or can generate money.  The Virgo Full Moon is reminding you to really take care of yourself.  It will show you areas in which you have been too worried about the needs of others.  This is the Worm Moon, but also the Sugar Moon.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury.  All about clear communication this shift.  That may be for needing some boundaries.  You may be feeling heightened energies and heightened emotions right now.  We are shifting towards the Spring Equinox.  Which will also shift us into a New Astrological Year, and a New Season.  The Equinox is bringing huge energies this year.  Expect longer days and the nights to warm up.

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We Meditate Tomorrow…

We are meditating for the Virgo Full Moon tomorrow.  This Moon aligns with Saturn shifting into Pisces.  Making this one of the most important astrological shifts of the year.  Powerful Energies for healing.  A focus on healing your energy and the energies of the past.  We are going to meditate at Noon Cali time, 8pm UK time.  Here is the link to sign up.  Once you do your given the link to the FB group I’ll Live Video in.  Available to watch anytime on replay.


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