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It’s Raining Stars!

We are in four Meteor Showers right now, with three peaking all at once this week.  The Piscis Austrinids Meteor Shower kicks things off peaking today.  It will continue to be active til August 10th.  We have the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower which is active until August 24th.  It peaks July 30th.  The Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower is from the debris of the comet Machholz.  With this one we will see two distinct streams of celestial debris, as they burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.  We are in the Alpha Capricornids Meteor Shower now too.  They are active until August 15th.  They peak July 30th.  The Alpha Capricornids Meteor Shower is from debris from Comet NEAT.  Expect exciting fireballs with both the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower and the Alpha Capricornids Meteor Shower.  We are in the Perseids Meteor Shower until August 23rd.  The Perseids will peak August 12th- August 13th.  The Perseids Meteor Shower is caused by the Earth slamming into debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle.  Expect extra sparkles in the sky with this one.

art: @kokeeneva

Galactic New Year Activation…

I have put up a Galactic New Year Activation I’m doing today.  It’s amazing Energies right now.  It’s my favourite time of year.  I just got back from spending a few days at Stonehenge where we did some amazing grid work.  So I have lots of New Codes to share with you.  These are some of the most powerful energies of the year to use for healing and doing activation work.  During the end of July the Earth and Sirius align activating a Galactic Stargate.  Here is the link so sign up to be activated…


art: @limitlessmindgames

On The Energies…

We are counting down the days til Leo Season, which starts Thursday! Leo is meant to be the most fun sign of the entire zodiac.  It’s already bringing in big waves of New Energies.  This Leo Season is all about activating, and opening up your heart chakra more.  July 23rd, we have the first of a pair of two Aquarius Full Moon’s.  The first of these Full Moons will open its own portal, and the second will close it.  Friday’s Buck Moon is meant to open the door to new worlds.  The second of these Aquarius Full Moons will occurs August 22nd.  This is also a Blue Moon. Friday’s Aquarius Full Moon is preparing us for next weeks huge alignments.  Sunday, the 25th is The Day Out Of Time.  The Day Out Of Time is going to bring a lot of spiritual energies.  It is, it’s own energy portal.  It acts as a rainbow bridge between us and the spiritual dimensions.  It gives us an opportunity to connect with and clear the past, as well as  to create a better future.  Monday, the 26th we celebrate the Galactic New Year! This is where we celebrate the rising of Sirius.  Since things are always shifting, Sirius will actually make its official first visible appearance In the morning of August 11th.  The Lions Gate Portal opens from July 28th to August 12th.  During this time the Earth and Sirius align.  These are powerful energies and should be used for doing healing and activation work.  It’s a great time to be working on clearing and activating your DNA.  With these Energies keep in mind we have 5 planets retrograde.  We are going through a lot of change fast.  Lunar energies can also bring a lot of emotional energies.  That means we are doing a lot of clearing work.  We also have solar flares, meteor showers, and an astroid flyby going on.  Pluto is also adding to the energies, making them extra magical.  Expect your manifestations to be super heightened if not instant.  That’s why it’s so important to stay extra positive in these energies.