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An Energy Update…

The Solar and Geomagnetic activity are low and the Schumann Resonance has been back to calm and stable.  It’s going to very quiet and dreamy the next few days.  This is the time to cocoon and rest.  The Planets are actually doing much better today.  The entire Universe is supporting us in every way.  Today the Moon trines Neptune.  This energy is all about rising up and connecting with something bigger then ourselves.  This is an amazing time to connect to your purpose or your mission.  It’s powerful energy to be channeling in a creative way.  Neptune is helping us to tap into our spiritual gifts.  Expect an increase in psychic awareness and to be more tuned in to the needs of the people around you.  This also means you need to have better boundaries.  Really tune into your intuition the next few days.  Your direction should be more clear.  Yesterday we started a ten day in a row period of Galactic Activation Portal Days.  This is a powerful Portal space where we will be working on our DNA.  Expect a huge influx of Galactic Energies filled with New Light Codes.  We are integrating a lot of Cosmic Energies right now.  We have lots of family healing coming up.  Clearing and healing outdated ancestral belief systems, generational karma, and past imprints from within our DNA.  Clearing old/ stuck emotions, may be experiencing tingling/ itchy, crown chakra upgrades, headaches, feeling dizzy, feeling ready for a change, nausea, or even tired.  This weekend will bring another blast of Energies.  Half way through this Gateway the 4.4 Portal will fully peak and open.  The 4.4 Portal will bring some powerful Energies and Activations.  4 represents the energies of the Archangels.  Your connection with the Angels and the Angelic Realms are extra strong during this time.  The number 44 is a message that the Angels and Archangels are with you, and guiding you.  You may be also feeling your Loved Ones in Spirit or your Spirit Guides a little extra right now.

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On The Energies…

We are going up in frequency fast.  We hit 170 Hz on the Schumann Resonance yesterday.  It’s normal baseline is usually 8 Hz.  We will continue this same shift today.  The effects of these energetic changes are being felt globally.  There is an awakening that is occurring.  A shift in consciousness that can be felt deep in the soul.  This awakening will continue to unfold changing every facet of this reality as we know it.  With these energies there is an increase in psychic awareness.  People are beginning to tune in.  This Planet has shifted into an alternate state of consciousness and it’s going to be felt more and more.  People are feeling a heighten in emotions and are having a hard time keeping up with the influx of information.  Many are having a hard time because reality as we know it has shifted into the 4th dimensions and above.  Many are still unaware of what is actually occurring and are tuning into fear being broadcasted through the media.  These are attempts to attack the collective frequency.  These stories are an attempt to cover up what is actually occurring.  We are going to see an increase in things coming out as this purge continues.  Expect these energies to continue to impact the body as we are attempting to do this transition fast.  We have a lot of work to do as we must continue to navigate these much higher frequencies.  We have a lot of Venus and Lunar energy hitting us today.  This is referred to as a portal of love we are passing through.  All lights are on your relationship.  If you don’t have one it may be time to manifest one.  Mercury Retrograde can make relationships of any kind more difficult.  It’s a great time to take a time out to focus on yourself if your feeling these energies, or just needing a minute.  People are still feeling the effects of the last Super Moon we just had.  The next three Super Full Moons we have will continue to shake things up.  Look at it like we are a month in to a four month purge space.  We will continue to travel through the same energies as we continue to do a lot of deep clearing work.  The astrological shifts are being felt more and more and that goes for this Super Moon Season we are in.

The Schumann Resonance Is Increasing..

The Schumann Resonance hit a peak of 37hz today.   Your brain waves act as a receiver for these frequencies.  We are now in Gamma wave states.  Gamma waves will shift us into a unity consciousness.  This is affecting our visual awareness.  This is affecting our state of consciousness.  The Earth’s frequencies are rising and as they are your brain is picking up these frequencies.  The resonance is changing your state of lucidity.  This is inducing an altered state of consciousness.  There is a correlation between transcendental mental states and Gamma waves.  This is expanding your conscious awareness.  We are now leaving the Beta states for good and venturing into higher and higher frequencies.  In these Gamma wave states 70% of the time it will induce a lucid dream experience.  We are now about to reach those vibrational states on this Planet.  40hz currents are a key for lucidity.  It puts your brain on the exact frequencies needed to induce altered states of consciousness.  Since this is putting our brains on higher and higher frequencies we are able to better manifest and create our reality.  It’s allowing our brain to link to and receive much more information.  This is allowing us to have a more conscious experience within the dream world.