On Today’s Energies…

Today is a powerful day.  We have Mars in Libra Conjunct the South Node.  All about your past lives, and the many past lives you had within this lifetime.  Karmic energies are being pushed up to the surface for healing.  Karmic energies are no joke.  They are teaching you at a certain point to really wake up and to live in more of a balance.  We are learning just how much our actions can affect other people too.  Today is a major day of karmic energy clearing.  Healing of the past.  Many lifetimes of work converging at this point.  Karma determines the external events that will play out in our lives and what family we are born into.  That means most of your family stories, and inner child wounds are the result of what type of karma you brought with you into this life.  Karma is your spiritual bank account. Each encounter brings an exchange.  Karmic debt  can result in negative experiences, patterns you replay out on a replay, lack of money/ monetary debt, negative soul contracts/ contracting you to the one you owe a debt too, illness, and bad relationships.  Major South Node clearing underway today.   Your South Node is your past and where you have been.  It contains the record of your past lifetimes. It also holds any karmic debt you owe out, or brought into this lifetime.  Your South Node was determined long before you were born.  It connects this lifetime with your past lives.  Expect a huge release of karma, and karmic attachments.  For some this Libra Season is a time to clear negative karmic contracts, and outgrown relationships.

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