On The Energies…



The energy may get quite high today.  We are entering a stream of Solar Winds, which may kick off Geomagnetic Storms.  This month has been quit intense.  We have had a lot of Solar Activity the entire month of March.  The energies will continue to increase through April as well.  We can still expect to really feel the energies and the effects of the Equinox over the next few weeks.  That means we have had more CME’s erupting.  We have also been seeing an increase in Geomagnetic Storms from all of these Energies.  Let’s not forget the increase in the Ascension Energies.  The Galactic Energies are continuing to pour in.  A lot of those energies are streaming in from our Central Sun and are coming straight from Source.  These Cosmic Energies are changing the entire construct of our DNA, and are activating us.  The activations are coming in more frequently, and have been triggering more and more people to awaken.  Many people are beginning to really feel these energies.  A lot of people are becoming very sensitive to these energies.  If your an Empath, Healer, Earth Angel, or Lightworker you may be going through some intense Upgrades.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, and April will serve as a reminder of that.  April will bring an increase and an acceleration of these energies.  That means we are now feeling these Energy Shifts in a very physical way.  More and more people are experiencing Ascension Symptoms.  That’s why it is so important that we are doing the Inner Work.  Over the next few days we will continue to feel the effects of last nights Full Moon. These energies are helping us to clear the old.  The frequency of the Planet is going up.  We are continuing to anchor into the frequencies of the New Earth.  The focus should be on Healing and raising our Frequency, so that we can better handle these energies.

art: @kokeeneva