On The Energies…

Mercury will retrograde back into Sagittarius   Tomorrow.  Mercury is still Retrograde the rest of the Holiday Season, until New Year’s Day.  This can make you feel more tired than usual too.  Things may be a little hazy still.  Expect your path to get more clear after the New Year.  This is dredging things from your past up, for more healing.  It’s healing you to clear your past more in a big way.  This Mercury Retrograde has definitely affected your life most in the areas of dating, relationships, and sex.  It’s also helped us to shed, or clear lots of toxic patterns.  We have shifted into Capricorn Season.  Capricorn is the sign that rules karma.  It’s all about discipline, hard work, and building the foundation for the year ahead.  This Capricorn Season is all about us rethinking our long term commitments.  We have officially shifted into the Winter.  It’s a great time to rest, and relax as we move towards Christmas.  Today we have a Mercury Retrograde Cazimi.  This happens when Mercury will be in the heart of the Sun.  Today’s energies shine a light on what lessons this Mercury Retrograde has brought up for you.  Mercury Retrograde helps us to clear the baggage of the past.  Expect the New Year to start off a lot lighter.  Dec 26th is our Cancer Full Moon.  It’s the last Full Moon of the year.  It will bring extra strong energies too.

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