On The Energies…

We are in the last few days of August.  Expect the upgrades to continue through what’s left of this month.  This Supermoon will be something else.  It’s bringing us some out of this world Galactic Vibes.  We have the Supermoon on the 30th.  On the 31st a still very Bright Blue Supermoon will merge together with Venus, Sirius, and the Pleiades.  That means your love life will be receiving some major upgrades on this day, in a good way.  That night we also have a Planet Parade with Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn.  Jupiter is also merging with the Pleiades.  Jupiter is the Planet of luck and abundance.  This is opening us up for receiving new ideas, and planning new adventures.  Expect some very positive energies, and Fortunate Shifts.  It’s a great time to find Sirius in the morning sky.  From now until Sep 10th Venus and Sirius will be drifting closer and closer together.  Sep 10th- Oct 1st Venus and Sirius are aligned and at about the same altitude.  That means you can expect major cleansing and healing to be happening in your love life.  You’re receiving a huge influx of spiritual energies in this area.  We have a huge focus on letting go of anything not of love and ascending your love life into a Spiritual Union.  Earth is being flooded with a lot of high vibrational energies.  As you’re receiving these light codes they are upgrading and recoding your DNA.  Expect the DNA activations to continue through next week.   

art: @siic_mood

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