On The Energies…

Today is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  We are in the last few days of the Lions Gate Portal.  We are also preparing for another Galactic Activation Portal Day on the 13th.  This is also our Venus Star Point.  We are integrating a lot of energies and a lot of upgrades.  Expect the DNA and Light Body Activations to continue over the next few days.  Really tune into your body and what it needs at this time.  You may be needing extra rest right now.  Your love life will be getting a Galactic Upgrade over the next few days.  Venus merges together with our Sun for that Venus Star Point.  Since Venus is still Retrograde as she does it’s bringing up a lot of old energies and debris to clear.  This is a massive healing that’s happening around your live life, and matters of love.  You may be having memories of the past come up, old lessons to better understand and to integrate in the now, past imprints that have been blocking you coming up for clearing.  Be gentle with yourself.  This is a time of deep heart healing.  We can expect to receive some major heart chakra activations over the next few days.  No Retrograde manages to break as many hearts as Venus Retrograde.  Let’s not forget the positives though like Venus Retrograde is amazing for finding forgiveness, clearing past karma, and clearing deep rooted blocks so that you can open up more fully in love, or find new love.  This is a powerful time to reflect on your love life.  These energies will offer you a lot of clarity.

art: @glitterxcollage

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